Hi dear friends,
Yes, March is marching along. The world has suffered many shakeups these days. The earthquake in Chile was horribly strong. It is sad to hear of so much devastation and lives lost. We do pray for the suffering ones. May God have mercy on us and may we turn to Him. We did not feel this quake here in Arequipa, but we do have believers from here who live and work in Santiago. We think they are all right, and we do pray for them. Our Joe stayed with us till Feb. 26. We sure enjoyed his visit and help! I mentioned that in Cotahuasi, Bob was speaking for about 10 hours one day. Well, he was standing for most of the day and a couple weeks later he had a nasty bout with sciatica, pain in his sciatic nerve. He was on pain killers and had to rest a lot and even preached for two weeks sitting down! We are thankful he is better now. Thanks for praying for our health too. God is good to us in this and we are well for the most part!

A few years ago I was saying we didn't think that Victor Quicaña's wife, Evangelina, would live much longer. Well, she did live for some years after that but finally the Lord took her home last month. She and Victor had gone to the jungle to be with their children, and Evangelina passed away there. She had Parkinson's for years. Victor would like to return to Arequipa, they say, but he too really is too elderly to really be active in the work now. I am sure he will visit some of the areas where he spread the Gospel in years past. He is loved and appreciated, but do pray for him these days of grieving. He has to be missing Evangelina.

Alvaro's wife, Rocssana, has had health problems too. She fell in Chuquibamba and dislocated her shoulder and stretched tendons, etc. So she has been immobilized for a few weeks and also has had complications from the pain medicine. Thanks for praying for them and for the radio. They don't have publicity for the radio any more so we need to trust the Lord to supply for their operating expenses. We are very thankful for the radio that does reach a large area with the Gospel, Bob's Bible studies and meditations, and other good Christian programs. Thanks for continuing to pray for the radio outreach.

This past week we have had orientation for the teachers in our Ebenezer Christian school. Bob has given real good devotionals and our teachers are reading Matthew - and sharing how the Lord is speaking to them through His Word, before they get on with their planning for the school year. We thank the Lord for some real dedicated teachers. Please do pray for the school, and for the teachers! We start the school year Monday, March 8, DV. We will have to inaugurate the year here in the church, as the auditorium is not quite ready. Almost, though!! And a couple classrooms on the first floor of the building we are getting ready for the school! God is blessing us with a lot of new students, and we really need to see more classrooms built! God is supplying for a couple more to go up on the second floor, and they will have to be built afternoons and weekends in March, but should be ready to use by the end of March. Thanks so very very much to all who have shared for this needed building!! We still lack a good bit to see the second floor completed, and we sure do need this, so please keep praying! We will need the third floor too, for a library, laboratory, and occupational education workshops. This is required for us now that we have all the high school grades. Again, thanks so much for your help with this, praying and sharing! We know the most important is the building in the lives of our precious students, and we pray this will happen! We want them to be built on the solid foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. This is for all of us, students, teachers, parents. Thanks for praying for God to form all our lives for His glory.

Bob is deciding not to sell his van. He has looked for something else that would serve as well and really there isn't anything available. Also, though others do want to buy the van, no one seems to be able to pay a price that would enable Bob to get a better one, and again, he really hasn't found a better one. Truth is the van worked really well on our recent trips! We are thankful for that. Bob will have to invest some in fixing some things on the van, but God has supplied for that. Thanks so much!

A final note: please remember to change our email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thanks so very much to all of you, for faithfully praying and sharing with us.

God's RICHest blessings for you, Noél for us

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