Hi again, dear friends,

Well, we are half way through the year! This year is going really fast! It is still cold here, especially nights and early mornings. It is dry too, and my finger tips and fingers on the joints where they bend split up awful this time of year, and they hurt. If you get this on time, Happy 4th to all you Americans! We sure need to pray for the U.S. Seems like we are really going downhill Spiritually and morally. Peru's national independence day is July 28, so we have a lot of patriotic stuff too and parades and firecrackers and all. Actually, the firecrackers were for the pope's day, (pope's day, "evangelical ministers" day and fisherman's day was all on June 29. There were lots of firecrackers to torment our little cocker spaniel.

Anyway, Bob went to Espinar province the later part of July, and was able to help the believers in the main town of Yauri and also out in a community. Nicolas Ala works up there. His broken foot is healed, but he has this cough, which probably is from when he worked in the mine in his youth. It is kind of a concern, so please pray for him. He is a real valuable worker.

While here, Bob visits and disciples several, and is preparing some of the men and youth to be leaders here when we are "out of the picture" so to speak. Actually, this is bearing fruit. A couple of our young guys really are maturing in the Lord and can really share His Word effectively in the church, with other youth as well as older ones. There are also a few men with their lives and families in order who are responsable here too. Thanks for praying for this need of leaders here!

School and related keeps me really busy. God is helping me with the teens I teach - quite a challenge to say the least. But a real opportunity to counsel them to follow the Lord, and decide for Him while they are still young! I just love teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grades "formación cristiana" . These younger ones are real treasures and so responsive. The 7th and 8th graders are a challenge, but there are several who really do listen and have a great spirit. I teach 6th grade and up English too, and can also incorporate God's Word and values in this as well. Sure do need your prayers though! Thanks! We had a fathers day barbecue out in our new patio, and it too seemed small! But we did fit and it was a nice day of games and fellowship, also opportunities to deal with some parents and children.

There is still a real need for the third floor to get done. We are asking the Lord to provide the funds needed for this before December. The idea is they could build it during our long school vacation. God has marvellously provided for the second floor, though it will require a bit more than the original assessment. Here, the dollar keeps going down, and the prices of materials keeps going up! We need $15,000. to finish. We praise the Lord we are that far! Please do help us pray for it all to come in before December. Thanks so much to all of you who have helped with this and with other ministries.

The radio is going and it is a blessing. Alvaro is able to be more in Chuquibamba now. He had some problems which kept him away for a while, and Rocssana still does have her health problems, especially with her shoulder. Still may need that operated on. Thanks for praying for them and for all our national workers. Teodoro keeps busy, and Justo Pastor is helping out in Pampacolca, encouraging the believers. He is a good visitor here too when he is in Arequipa.

God is blessing and we do thank Him. Last night Bob and I helped in a conference on marriage with another church. We had this invitation as one of the ladies I read the Word with for years is now going there some and really recommended Bob to help there. God opens up doors of service, and we sure do desire to keep going, serving Him here as long as He leads.

There is a possibility we can go to the U.S. the end of this year or early 2011. I sure do want to go to see our grandchildren! But we need to visit many of you too, and we ask you to pray with us for the supply for this if it is the Lord's will. We will need to be able to advance the offerings for our workers for a couple months as well as have enough for the trip. Thanks for praying for this.

Finally, many of you will remember I was praying for three orphans who were removed from a Christian children's home here in 2008. Well, it finally seems that the youngest girl, Maria, now 12, will actually be adopted!! She is all excited about the prospect. There is a lovely family in No. Va. who are willing to go through all the sacrifice and ridiculous, expensive tons of paperwork to really give Maria a "forever family"! Please pray for them in this. It sure is not for the weak hearted! I have no idea why they make it so impossible and expensive. But God can help them and Maria to really get together. Thanks for praying!

Thanks again for all you stand with us and share with us. Have a great summer!

Many Rich blessings,
Sincerely, Noél for us

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