Hi again!

True, August is going fast forward! We have been very very busy. Bob had some good trips in July, and I went with him the last week in July through Aug. 1. We were on school mid year vacation. We went to the high COLD mountains! Had a special meeting with the believers from 4 communities out in the Puno, Juliaca area. These are isolated ranches, but they get together once a year for an annual meeting. They have bi monthly meetings with some of them together. It is mostly Quechua. Maybe Joe got some pics. up on the website. Then we had a meeting with our little group in Puno, precious people too. Three nights I got to sleep in the "refrigerator" (Bob's van) with Bob. The water in the drinking bottles by my head froze, and in the mornings there was ice on the windows. It was very cold. Bob preached a lot, others preached in Quechua. I taught the children - in Spanish, but they mostly understand as they do go to school in Spanish. We took some believers from Pedregal, (a large agricultural area a couple hours from Arequipa), and one dear brother from near Cuzco who plays the harp. (He makes them too). Julian had gone to Paraguay to bring a harp and he really makes beautiful beautiful music on it. He loves to play the hymns and really does wonders. We are trying to get our believers to appreciate and maintain meaningful hymns, in Quechua and Spanish. These meetings were a blessing and an encouragement to the believers.

Above: Julian plays the harp, while Marcos plays the guitar.

Above, Right to Left: Julian, Bob, Flavio, Deisy, and Andrea.

Bob plans another trip later next week to help the believers in Espinar. Bob also is busy here counselling and teaching, besides his several Bible studies.

August 6 we had a wedding here. Vicente, whom we helped in the work in the Colca canyon, married Erika. It was a good wedding and a testimony to many. We are thankful several of our youth are marrying believers and living their faith. Another wedding is planned for late August, the son of our former elder here who now lives in Lima as his wife was transferred there with her bank job. David and Elizabeth are a real sweet Christian couple, helping here in the church. Elizabeth's family are not believers, but many came for her baptism a couple months ago here.

A real blessing and a "plug" for the school is that some of the youth I teach (who also come here to church) are wanting to be baptized. These are children of believers, but we are glad to see them make their own decisions to follow the Lord. And I have observed a change in their lives in the classes I teach them, mostly of Christian Formation, but also some English. Definitely the school is a help to them and we are thankful for this.

Above: This is the meeting place in Occoro.

Above: Noel teaching in Occoro.

Above: Noel teaching the children.

However, there is some sad news. That is that the price required to finish the second floor is more than the quote. The engineer forgot some of it, so we are going over around $3,000. Then, the third floor will also cost more than what we had thought, especially with the finishing of the roof. Bottom line is we need $25,000 to finish, which is $10,000. more than what I said last time. So please please help us pray for God's provision for this. Thanks so much for praying, and sharing as you can. God is blessing the school, though we sure need your prayer for the children and teachers! Two of the teachers, Samuel and Roberto, have been coming to talk and study with Bob. Roberto teaches music one day a week. He is still nominally Catholic, but he really likes to sing and play the Psalms and other real Christian music. He realizes the idols are nothing, and is close to trusting the Lord fully. These are real opportunities because of the school. Samuel, the 6th grade teacher, is a wonderful, committed Christian, who comes for weekly Bible studies with Bob. Now, the math teacher, Ricardo, also wants counsel. Please pray for him. We are thankful for our teachers who teach the children and parents about the Lord.

Above: Bob teaching in Occoro.

God orders our ways. We still hope to be able to go up to the U.S. early next year, but it may not happen. Some dear believers are in the process of adopting 12 year old Maria, the orphan I had mentioned in letters past. We are so thankful, and she is so very excited about finally being adopted! Well, I´m committed to being here to see this through, and because of ridiculous delays and extra paperwork required, it may not be completed before the end of the year. Please help us pray that indeed the adoption can be finished and Maria home with her "forever family" soon! God can overcome all these barriers!

Thanks so very much for standing with us in prayers and support. We pray God's richest blessings for each of you!

Thankfully and prayerfully, Noél for us

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