Hi y'all!

Months are flying by. This is the month I most miss the States, with all the fall colors. Hope most of you can enjoy it! Bob had two good, profitable trips in September, both to high places. He went to Espinar for just a couple days, and then went to Culipampa, a very high, far away place. They had special meetings there for 2 days and several believers from Cotahuasi also went, so it was a real encouragement for the believers from Culipampa. Quechua is predominant there so a couple of our national workers who preach in Quechua went. However, on the way back, in a very high and isolated place, the van decided to stop. It has had some fainting spells like this before, but this was difficult as there was no help right there. So the brothers who were traveling with Bob were able to get a truck down to where they could get their own transportation back to Arequipa, and one brother who had worked in the Arcata mine was able to get help from the mine which was only about an hour away. (Cell phones helped this time, even though we don't have one, the brothers did.) So Bob prayed for the car and - yes - the Lord "healed" it. It made it down to Caylloma, then Chivay, where Bob planned to get it worked on, but it did make it all the way home then. It seems on a previous trip to Puno, someone from the garage where Bob kept the van changed the battery on it. That was not nice. But still, it had been fixed after that. Also Bob had it overhauled recently and that was expensive.

Above: Brothers of the church of Culipampa.

All that to say that Bob got tired of the van's "fainting spells" and finally has decided for sure to sell the old incontinent beast. (I call it that because it leaks oil and other things, especially after a grease job, in our carport). So I marched down to the local newspaper this a.m. and put a "for sale" ad in for this next week. Please help us pray for this, that Bob will get enough from this van to be able to get something a bit newer, even if smaller, that will serve him well. I have doubts as the van is 1992 and Bob does need 4WD and hopefully another van or something he can sleep in, diesel fuel, standard, etc., and these vehicles are expensive. This van has served us very well for years, but there is a time for everything, and this van's time has come. Well, thanks for praying with us!

Above: Bob with the van.

Another trip is planned for Oct. 12-15, this time I will be accompanying Bob, D.V., to the jungle, Tarapoto, where we have been asked to help for a couple days. We get to go by plane, which is great as it is far away. Our school has vacation from Oct. 8 till the 17th. Now we are in the midst of anniversary celebrations. We had the sports day with lots of competition last Sat. - It was good and clean fun for all. We have had lots of contests in different areas, music and arts, poetry, math, etc. Now we are getting ready for the Thanksgiving service, planned for this Wednesday, Oct. 6. I am preparing 2 songs with verses in English and Spanish with 6th graders, and a play on Jonah with the 5th grade. There are multiple other numbers, and of course Bob should bring a message. Please help us pray all will be really glorifying to the Lord. We truly are thankful for the school, and though it is a lot of work, we are seeing God work in lives - which is the most important. We are also in the midst of bimester tests, which is a lot of testing, correcting, grading, etc., so I have been especially busy.

The construction of the third floor is going ahead! We are so thankful they can advance on this. They are trying to be kind of quiet during class hours - (ever tried to teach with "bang, bang, thud, thud" right over your head? It's difficult.) The blessing of progress. We really do need the whole building, and still will lack about $5,000. to finish, but God has brought us this far, and we thank Him. Thanks to you all who help and pray with us for this.

Above: Church of Culipampa.

This Sunday, Oct. 3, Perú is electing regional governments and city mayors. We are really thankful for the freedom we have to keep spreading God's Word here and we do pray for this to be continued. Thanks so much for all who pray with us and share with us for God's work here. We really need and appreciate you!

Many autumn blessings for each of you,
Noél for us

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