Hi y'all!

February is a short month and it is going fast! Bob says many important people were born in February. Of course, he is one of them, and Feb. 9 Bob turns 65! A milestone? We have been traveling a good bit of January and the first week of this month too! We thank the Lord for meaningful trips and good things happening here. We have seen two baptisms recently in our main Arequipa church, one being the daughter of one of our believers. This is always a blessing, to see the children of believers following the Lord too. Also we had another wedding, and we do feel it was honoring to the Lord. Then we went to the valley town of Chichas, a long way from Arequipa, but now with a road. It is a very very windy and long dirt road down to this valley, but a road anyway. We used to have to walk 4 hours to get down there from the nearest place. They grow the best avocados in the world there! Before, the people had to bring their products out on mule back, now at least there is a "road". It was good to be there; Bob had a profitable ministry to the believers and I got to do some childrens' classes. Joe enjoyed taking pictures!!

After that trip and the wedding here (Joe took pics. of that too!) we went to Cotahuasi, also a long ways from Arequipa. Bob founded the church there over 40 years ago. Now, missionary friends, the Shaw family, are doing a good job there and reaching out to other canyons around. They also have a radio ministry which is a great blessing and outreach to the area. With our radio from Chuquibamba and their radio from Cotahuasi a very large area has listening access to Christian radio which they did not have before. Shaw's had invited us to participate in their bi monthly seminar. Bob taught for all the sessions, and on Friday, January 29, our 44th wedding anniversary, he preached for 10 hours! Well, that is what he likes to do best and what the Lord called him to do, so guess it was a good one! I got to help with children's ministry there too, so parents could listen to Bob. Joe took pics! Finally, last week, we got 2 and a half days by the beach. "Vacation." It is gorgeous as usual. But back here there is too much to catch up on!

Thank you for praying for us, and for our national workers here. We have begun helping Justo Pastor Llerena to minister to the Pampacolca area. This town and annexes around really need encouragement and evangelism. The believers there are for the most part elderly and are very happy to have Justo visit them frequently. He has his family here, so does come for a couple weeks at a time here to Arequipa. His family is very active in the church here, their adopted son is "our Pepe" (whom I pulled out of a nun's orphanage 18 years ago.) We had Pepe with us for several months, and helped this family with the adoption. It was when our Mark was kidnapped and we weren't sure of our own time here. We praise the Lord Pepe is really serving the Lord now and we are "hiring" him to help in the school as well as with us. He is studying law in the University and we help with his studies too. Please do pray for means to continue helping all our national workers. And special thanks to those of you who do send for them. This is a marvelous blessing!!

Joe has enjoyed being here and helping with our young people too. He is taking lots of pictures! He is creating a website for us and for the school too, hopefully this will help!

Now for the school! Praise the Lord we think we can finish the construction of the first floor before school starts March 8. Honestly though, we need to build classrooms on the second floor. We have no more funds for this but it is an urgent need. Please help us pray. Special thanks to you who have helped with the school building. Please pray for more help, urgently, to get the classrooms done this month - it will happen if we receive enough! God is sending us several new students. Some are really from needy homes. If anyone would be able and want to help out by sponsoring a needy little one from a single parent home or a really poor Christian home to go to our Christian school, this really would be a blessing! We have 2 especially really needing this if possible. It is around 50 dollars a month. Marino and Lupe keep the fees really low to help the poorer folks, but we do need to receive enough to pay the teachers! Please also pray for the right and truly dedicated teachers for this year. Lupe and Marino need real wisdom in the selection of these. Thanks so very very much! With the school we are also seeing the church grow, and this too is a blessing, and an opportunity to reach out to more homes and lives.

We hear of snow and cold up there in the U.S. Here it is hot, and not really raining enough. Some parts of Perú are being flooded, and lives and homes are being lost. We are thankful God is in control of all happenings and conditions. We need to see Him glorified.

Thank you so very much for all your praying and sharing with us. May God richly bless you as you also serve Him!

Many blessings and thanks, Noél for us

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