Hi to you dear ones!

Yes, already November, and marching along quickly! Always we remember to be thankful, but this month especially as Thanksgiving day draws near! The English lesson for my 4th graders in school is on Thanksgiving. Not enough of them learned how to spell: "thankful"! Well, the idea is that they learn to thank God for His blessings. Please do help us pray for the school, that we can and will be faithful to teach each student God's way of salvation for them. It is more difficult as the world continues on a downward trend, less morals, less godly home life, so few who really care to know God personally. We are thankful for the opportunity we have! We must make the most of it while we have it.

Please pray for the permission to be granted for the construction that must go on starting late December. The plans have been presented to the Municipality and supposedly will be approved soon. Thanks for helping us pray for the rest of the funds needed. We have 5 weeks left of classes this year. Thanks for praying for the school, mostly that it will continue to be a true testimony for the Lord.

This last month of Oct. brought some bad dust storms at the first, trouble with our sewage in front of the church building, more problems with stinky water, etc. and NO rain. Please help us pray for rain! We really need it.

Also this past month brought some of our older believers passing into Glory. Three were from other churches we fellowship with, and another older lady whose daughter attends with us. Another older sister, Francisca, has terminal cancer and went back to her town above Cotahuasi. Another dear sister from one of our churches has terminal cancer and is in hospital. Seems kind of morbid, these 4 deaths recently, but precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. These dear ones were ready to go be with Him. Please help us pray for the ones who have to suffer here yet. Thanks.

Some more bad news: crime is really rampant more here. One dear brother in our main church had all his work material (hardware he sells) stolen out of the back of his old car. It was all his capital and he has debts. Please pray for the Lord's provision for this dear family.

Also this past month we had a couple weddings! So that is a bright spot, we pray for these families forming, to glorify God.

Bob had a fruitful trip to Culypampa, way high place, but there were a lot of believers from different ranches and places and they were encouraged in the Lord. There was one baptized too. We thank the Lord for His workers in different places - Daniel especially is reaching out to many areas around Espinar. Some of the believers from here continue to reach out to the towns of Polobaya, Agua Bueno and Yarabamba. Thanks for praying for all these. Surely we are glad for the freedom we have to spread God's Word here.

Good news: after a month of strike, our post office is again working. It will take a while for the backlog of mail to be put out in the boxes but should get caught up soon.

Truly we have many reasons to be thankful. You are some of these reasons. Thank you so much for faithfully standing with us, praying and sharing as you are led by our Lord. We pray for you too, and for your ministry and testimony for Him. May He bless you richly.

Hi to you all!

True, when we think how fast time flies, it is sobering! Hope you are having a nice fall season. I sure still miss the autumn leaves and crisp air, even after almost 48 years here.

Last letter told of many positive things, people baptized, etc. We are thankful we also had one young man, son of a dear believer with rheumatoid arthritis, baptized in Sept. However, another young believer, 26 years old, died in Sept. Juan Carlos had a rare condition that caused tumors to grow and invade his organs. He had this from infancy and had a difficult life. His father abandoned him, his mother and sister when he realized this condition. So his Mom, Janet, devoted all those 26 years in caring for Juan Carlos and his older sister. Carla is now in Brasil finishing post.grad. studies and Janet was able to go with her there last week. Juan Carlos was a blessing to us, though he was weak and suffered physically. We are thankful he knew the Lord, as do Janet and Carla. Thanks for praying for them.

There was also a tragedy in school. One of our little 5 year olds, Zenaida, died. She was diagnosed with hepatitis, but they say she died of pneumonia. She had been in the hospital for a couple weeks. I understand the parents are not believers, but our kindergarten teachers are (her little sister is in the 4 year old group). These kindergarten children know and sing precious praises to our Lord every a.m. and they are told God's Word. They love Jesus. We know Zenaida is with Him now, but the family is quite upset.

There are problems with just living in Perú. Our water system is bad these days. We are in a draught, did not have enough rain last rainy season, and so the water levels in our dams are way too low. They raise trout in these water reserves, and there is way too much algas in them. The water tastes awful, smells awful, and is awful. Please help us pray for rain to fill the reserves to the required levels to be able to purify and drink decent water.

Then there are social problems. The state paid doctors have been on strike for like 6 months. This really affects the needy sick folk. Also, our Post Office has been on strike for almost a month and there is no solution in sight. For those of you who will get this by snail mail, we have no guarantee how long it will be till you get it. Sorry! They say mail goes out from here to Lima, but may not go farther. The working hours are only mornings till 4 p.m. and I can hardly get there before they close. Only one employee works at the window and they are not putting mail in the boxes.

Also, we have had some problems in the main church here. All these need prayer. Guess the enemy does not like it when God's Word prospers and souls are truly saved. Thanks for praying.

Also, the school project was rejected by the municipality, but there is good news: after some modification, the plans should be approved. The demolition has been approved, it is just the way the reconstruction is in the plans. They are too fussy. This will cost extra in modification, but we have to do it. Thanks for praying for all these needs.

There is good news too! Bob has had some good trips. In Pampacolca, one of our older churches, the believers are also all older. Youth tend to leave these small towns to come study in the city, and literally all the believers in this town are in later 70's or 80's. Bob was able to baptize a new believer there! He is 87 years young! His wife is a believer and prayed for her husband for a long time, so we are glad he gave his heart to God. His name is Cesar Chavez.

On Sunday, Oct. 5, Perú had municipal and regional elections. There will be a runoff election for the regional president in a month or more. Voting is obligatory here and there is much corruption. Please help us pray for our leaders and for continued freedom to spread God's good news here. Thanks!

So, good news and some not so good, but we are so thankful for the Lord´s presence here. Thanks so much for all your prayer and sharing with us. God bless each of you!

September will bring us spring sometime. Weather is changing slowly. We thank the Lord for new life of spring, but mostly for the new life, fruit, for God. Two young men were finally baptized in Yarabamba, about an hour's drive from here where some of the believers from our main church in Arequipa have been going weekly. Please pray for Luis and Elmer, and that they can help win their families and friends.

A single believer from Polobaya, Ernesto, was baptized a couple months ago, and now Paul and Celida Ramos, also from Polobaya, were also baptized. A dear couple from here, Vicente and Emiliana, have been going Fridays and Saturdays to Polobaya and places around. This is about a two hour drive from here and these brethren rely on public transportation, so they appreciate your prayers for their outreach. God is bringing His own into His fold.

An older couple from here in Arequipa who have been attending with us on Sundays for some years was baptized a couple weeks ago. One of the elders from here has worked with them in weekly Bible studies for some time. Thanks so much for praying for growth in these new believers, all part of God's springtime in His garden.

Bob has had some fruitful trips to the mountains: to Espinar area and Sibayo. Now he is visiting the Quechua communities near Juliaca. The believers in the towns need encouraging and we are thankful Bob can still visit them. Another believer from here visits Pampacolca and other towns encouraging the believers. Pampacolca is lacking in youth, and the older believers are sometimes discouraged, so we are glad brother Justo can help them. Many of the mountain towns lose their youth as they come to the city here to study and work. Many do not follow the Lord as their elderly parents in the mountains do. However, some of the youth here do indeed carry on in the faith and we are so very thankful for a good group of Christian youth here in Arequipa.

Please continue to pray for our Ebenezer Christian school. We pray for fruit from the Lord among the students, teachers, and families. There are many distractions and temptations here in the city and many homes are falling apart. Please also pray for the building project. Permission from the Municipality needs to be granted, hopefully soon. We are trusting the Lord to supply the rest needed for this as well.

Hi, y'all!

Already August is here! And already moving quickly! Here the weather is nicer, not so cold and days are getting longer. So till the winds come it is nice. High winds in August bring lots of dust, not fun.

Bob had a good trip to Espinar earlier in the month. He also has gone to the Majes Valley and seen some encouragement there. Our big event July 26-29 was the visit of a dear missionary friend from Bolivia, David Sommer. July 28 is Peru's Independence day so schools are on vacation and the 28th and 29th are holidays.

David blessed us in youth meeting Sat. night and church Sunday a.m. with good messages and films on God's miraculous intervention in Israel throughout history. Then the 28th and 29th several believers from different churches in and around Arequipa joined together for his teaching on the book of Acts. We had like 300 so had to use the school's patio. We wouldn't fit in our church meeting room. Sessions were from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with dinner served for all. Our dear sisters really pitched in and cooked wonders for all. Everyone helped and we were blessed to work and learn together for the glory of our Lord. Some not yet believers also came and God's message of salvation was very clearly presented.

Some of our youth are going up to a youth gathering the 15th of this month to the Espinar area. The national worker we support up there, Daniel, is seeing God work in many communities or ranches up in this area. There are new believers, baptisms, and a real hunger for the truth. Thanks so very much for praying! These new believers need teaching. Right now Perú has many voices in "religion" and alot of these give false teaching. This causes confusion for new believers, here in the city as well as out in the rural areas. Please continue to pray for God's work here.

Please continue to pray for the school year. Last half starts Monday Aug. 4. We do pray for fruit in the lives of these dear students, all 300 of them! Please pray for the project that needs to be done over our vacation starting right before Christmas. Our school year here is March to December. The plans and proposals are presented to the National Cultural Institute. We have been recently warned by the Regional Direction of Education that the patio has to be enlarged. The Civil Defense told us this last year as well. Please help us pray for the rest of the funds needed for this, God has supplied most of the need, but we still lack some. Thanks!

Hi, y'all!

Well, it's July already! Hope you up there in USA had a great 4th! U.S. did well in the soccer, but there are always those who do better! Anyway, the prize that really is worth winning is the one Christ will give to His faithful servants at His coming! Let's aim for that one!

Thanks so very much for praying for us and for our family. Our dear grandson, Mark, is recuperating! His life is truly a miracle after that horrible accident a month ago. He is now at home! Has to go for outpatient therapy at a local hospital in northern Indiana, much better than up in Michigan. But we are super thankful for the excellent care he was given up there. God is his healer, but the drs. and staff at those specialized hospitals were really a blessing. Mark cannot put weight on his right foot for a couple months, as he had 4 or 5 fractures in the pelvis and will have to have the nails, etc. removed later. We are so grateful that even though he had a fractured skull and much bruising to the right side of his brain, that it too is healing! They say he will have full recovery. Thanks to God!

Here too, thanks for praying! My finger is healed. I then had a nasty bronchitis - had a couple weeks of strong antibiotics. That is healed now but with the force in coughing, my lower back is still hurting, could be lumbago, I don't know, but please keep praying. We both are really glad for the health God has given us so far, and we do pray it will continue, so we can continue to serve Him here. It is a cold winter, especially nights and early mornings, but has been sunny in the days. We had a small earth tremor the other day, they say this affects the climate. Others say it doesn't, but weather always changes some after tremors.

Thanks for praying for our Christian university students. God helped Esther and her Christian friend. They did not have to defend the homosexuals, only had to define the proposed law that is being debated in congress now. Bob has printed some tracts presenting the true Gospel and how God is against these perversions of this generation.

Bob had a good trip last week to the Espinar area. God is working there! Several churches Bob planted are growing. The main Arequipa church is supporting a worker there, plus giving to other believers in the area for this outreach. It is mostly Quechua, so we are really thankful for the national workers there. Here, the outreach in Yarabamba and Polobaya continues. The two young guys who were baptized in Yarabamba are meeting and witnessing. But as yet, no one else has joined them in that step of faith, identifying with Christ. Bible studies with interested ones continue, please pray!

Please also continue to pray for the school here. We are thankful for our dedicated teachers. We pray for true conversions to Christ for our students. They are growing up in a wicked generation and need our prayer and support. Thanks so much to you who are helping sponsor some of the students here. Please also pray for the project that needs to be done the end of this year, the demolition and reconstruction of the middle building on the school property, in order to extend the patio to meet Civil Defense's requirements for enough open space for earthquake drills, and possible quakes. Most of the funds have been provided, but we still lack some.

Thanks for praying, and for sharing with us May God bless you richly!

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