Hi to you all!

August is here. Must say the weather is some nicer though still cold at nights. Thanks for praying for us here. There are many adjustments for us now, and it is especially difficult for me, so thanks for praying.

Last month I had some encouraging moments, meeting separately with two former students I had taught years ago in the big school out past the airport, Pionero. Each of them remembered how I taught them God's Word. One of them especially is serving the Lord now. Both had good memories and both said it meant a lot in their lives, so I thank God for this, and do desire to continue to sow His Word as seed in young hearts as long as I can. Maybe it won't be too many years more in the classroom though, I did turn 70 last month, and in some ways feel it!

Bob is in some mountain towns and ranches this weekend for meetings. Please pray he will be an encouragement to the believers and others in these areas. It seems in the province of Espinar anyway there is a lot more interest and desire for the Lord and to build up His church these days. Bob has gone to the Majes Valley too, and some of the believers are doing well, others are a bit careless in Spiritual things there. We do thank God again for the vehicle, it surely works well!

Some of our adolescents are experiencing some difficult times. I teach them Saturday afternoons. They want to walk with the Lord but have temptations and problems. Thanks for praying for them and their families.

Please also remember in prayer our dear brother just moved here from Puno, now living in the apt. where we were above the church. He has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is in a lot of pain. His wife is taking care of him and their daughter and two granddaughters are living in the second floor apt. there. Karla is the one who had an op. for aneurism before. She has to go to Lima again for treatment, so health is an issue with their family now.

Many blessings for you, Noél for us.

Hi to you all!

Happy 4th to all you fellow U.S. citizens, there or abroad! Well, while you are enjoying summer, picnics, etc. - here we are freezing! Yes, we are having the coldest winter in several years. Brr. And we are moved - into a beautiful small new apartment, next door from the church, kind of in the middle of the school, well, it is on the top of the small garage - patio of the primary building, on the street side.

The construction you helped with for the primary school is right in back of us, like the kids literally are outside our bedroom window, and they come for play in the little garden - yard right by our front steps. Kind of noisy it is around recess times, which are many as they take turns by classes coming out to play, etc. and we are growing! A lot of students, both elementary and high school. The h.s. building is on the other side of this. The church is kind of right below us and beside us too. We are kind of in the middle. We are truly thankful to all of you for your help and prayer for us.

This little apt. has one disadvantage, it is very cold. The sun does not get into the rooms like it does in the apt. above and behind the church where we were for 22 years. So it is kind of hard for me (Noél) especially. Please help me pray for warmth! Bob is really warm and that helps. When he goes to the valley which he does most Friday evenings, till Saturday aft., it is cold for me. Thanks for helping pray for this - winter should pass in a couple months, but it will always be quite cool inside here.

God is working in the Majes valley, in the new little group in a town called Central, which is kind of central for the valley. There are several really interested families wanting to follow the Lord. Today Bob went a day early to visit in La Joya, where the daughter of a dear elderly believer from here with her husband wants to reconcile with the Lord. The elderly lady is Gregoria, and this daughter, Rosa. Please pray for the family. Another daughter, Cecilia, lives here in Arequipa and attends the church here with us. We are thankful for these contacts, thanks for praying for them with us.

School keeps me busy. I do love to teach the children God's Word, and most of them are receptive. There are several from broken or confused homes though. One little 4th grader was being really disrespectful and had to leave the class. When I talked to him after it I asked him why he didn't want to listen to the words of Jesus. He just said his dad told him Jesus doesn't exist and so he didn't know if he believed or not. The parents were fighting, but I guess they are together now. The mom is a believer but the dad, not at all. This is confusing for Marcial. Thanks for praying for this little guy and others with difficult home situations. We can see society falling apart as the families disintegrate. We need GOD!

Again, thanks so very very much for your prayers and support. God is really good to us. Many blessings, Noél for us

Hi y'all!

Well, yes, it is June and we still are not moved!! Several bags have gone over, and some furniture, but the painting is still not completed, (should be this week) and one room still needs a door, window, lights installed, etc. And the truth is: I don't have time to move!! Like right now I am writing a letter and not working at it! Our support was low this month but the Lord is supplying.

Here we are having the coldest winter on record in ten years! We had a freak rain in mid May, and the mountains around the city still have their snow. Very pretty. It is really cold nights especially now, and my fingertips and toes are splitting up again. Super ouch.

Well, God is wonderful, and we do desire to serve Him as long as we can here. At the school we had a good Mother's Day program, which honored Christ. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue to take God's Word to these students, homes, and teachers.

Bob has had a couple sessions with the teachers, and also spoke to the parents of the elementary school last week. One family came to our main church here as a result of that meeting, and we hope they will continue. Thanks so much for praying and helping with this ministry. We have more students this year and are splitting the first year of "secondary" school, 7th grade, to two groups.

Bob also has had some good trips this past month. He is starting to encourage a meeting in the center of the Majes Valley, town called "Centrál". There are believers there who have been visiting other towns for meetings, but that has been sporadic, and they wanted their own church. Bob goes every two weeks there for Friday evenings and visits Saturday mornings. Please help us pray for this effort too.

Another young gal who graduated from the school wants to be baptized. Her folks are believers from Chuquibamba and Cotahuasi, though they are separated. Her older brother is working in Brasil now but he is a good believer. Our people do have their problems, though God is at work in many lives. Bob continues full schedule preparing, teaching, and discipling while in the city here.

Thanks so very much again for praying and sharing with us in God's work here. You are very special to us and we pray God's richest blessings for you too.

Hi y'all!

Yes, May is here already and maybe gone too soon! April sure flew by fast! God is working here and we are so thankful. Bob has had some profitable trips, some special meetings in different churches and places, we have had guests who have blessed us, and more.

The Romanian brothers who visited us were a huge blessing and challenge to the churches and brothers where they were able to minister. Our dear people here do really need to let the Lord work in their lives, we all do, really, in being a fully consecrated church, 100% dedicated to the Lord. Just getting a lot of people together isn't the goal, the goal is that we be like Christ and see the world through His eyes. We pray for God to work in all our believers this way. There is so much mediocrity and half heartedness it seems. This leads to sin and excuses for it.

Which brings us to the sad part of April. We have had to discipline another believer from here. This is always sad, but sadder as he is from a Christian home and family from birth. We sure pray the Lord will get a hold of him and bring true repentance and change.

On a brighter side, God is working in the youth here, and some more of them are wanting to serve the Lord. Our elder in the main church here, Fortunato, works with the older youth and has seen fruit. A couple of the older youth help me with the adolescents, and though few show up for that, sometimes more come and we are seeing God work in their lives.

Seems like these are difficult days for youth. So much of this technology, great in many ways but temptations and just plain badness in other ways. The breakdown of so many homes affect our students at school too. Too many from broken homes, and thrown around from relative to relative, lack of direction and purpose, and lack of God in their lives. Help us pray for the school, how we long to see the students and teachers truly know Christ, and His hope for them. As a bumper sticker said once: Know God, know hope, No God, no hope. True, seriously.

We are preparing for the Mother's Day program at school, please help me pray that this will glorify the Lord and challenge Moms to teach their children of Him, early, not only in words but in works too. In lives. We are also in testing time which is tons of work. But in that too, we pray for the Lord to be glorified.

Thanks so very much for all your prayer for us and God's work here. God is working in the home Bible studies Bob has, and in his teaching of God's Word. Thanks for sharing with us too. We are working on getting the tiny apt. ready for us to move into, hopefully yet this month of May. We do lack some to finish it, seems like everything is really expensive, the dollar is low, etc. But God has His time.

Trust you Moms will have a good day May 12, (and every day, really) and MAY the Lord really bless you all!

Hi again, friends,

Last month went way too fast! But good things have happened, and we thank the Lord for each day. Bob had several good trips, mostly to the Espinar area. There were baptisms there and also here in our Arequipa churches. Some more of our youth followed the Lord in baptism, and last Sunday an old man who had come to one of the home meetings also was baptized. So age is not a factor, God's time is eternal.

Last month Bob recognized our dear brother Fortunato Morales as an elder in the main Arequipa church here. We have been and still are praying for a solid team of leaders to help here, thanks for praying with us. Please do pray for Fortunato and his wife, Sandra, and their two precious little girls, Tayra and Kristel, and for more godly leaders to help in the Lord's work here in Southern Perú.

Also we are enjoying the visit with our former co worker here from Rumania. Aurel and another believer from Rumania are here for about 3 weeks. They had special meetings over the Good Friday weekend in one of our churches here, but believers from several churches here and from other towns came. These were all day Thursday and Friday, and were a real blessing to all.

Now the Rumanian brothers are spending a week up in Cotahuasi and will come back through Pampacolca where Aurel and his family worked before they had to leave Peru because Lumi, Aurel's wife, developed Lupus while here. She has been in treatment in Barcelona and in Rumania, and it is controlled, but it does limit her activities. She couldn't come this time to Peru.

Last week we had a good Holy week program in school too. I think the Lord was glorified in that as we remembered what Jesus did for us to save us and His commission to us to share this good news everywhere. School is in full swing now, and we are in the first month's testing. So I am very busy with that. We have more students this year than last year, somewhere between 260 and 300. Please pray for Spiritual fruit in these precious lives, and in their homes. Thanks so much!

The little apartment next door is getting the finishing work on it, but it will be probably another month before the carpenters are finished and we can paint and get over there. It sure has cost a lot more than we had hoped, but should be nice when finished. We think we will have enough, Lord willing, for that. Thanks so much to all who have helped us here and thanks mostly for the prayer behind God's work here. Truly we appreciate all of you and are very grateful.

Guess our rains have gone for a while, but it is still warm here. Many streets are blocked off because they are getting fixed after the flood damage. Traffic is a mess. Well, thanks again so much.

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