Hi to you dear ones!

Yes! November is going by fast! We have so much to be thankful for, first we thank God for His salvation, constant love, and care for His own. This year has been difficult in many ways, but God's faithfulness prevails, and we do thank Him. Trust you all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving season, all year!

Here we have seen God work in lives. I mentioned before some of our church folks, now not just the youth, but others too, have been going out to the nearby towns of Yarabamba, and now, a bit farther, to Polobaya. They are seeing small groups meeting together to study God's Word. A few Sundays ago some of the brethren from here brought a crippled lady from Yarabamba in to our main Arequipa church. She was blessed, she is a believer.

Then almost a month ago, a new believer from Polobaya came in to our Arequipa church to be baptized here. We think there will be some more baptisms in each of these towns soon. Also, one of the Bible study small groups Bob has been helping with in an outlying neighborhood is growing into a church on their own. One of the elders from the church in Chichas is moving to Arequipa and has his home in the above mentioned neighborhood.

He is Eliachín, and he and his family are leading this new little church. (Chichas is a valley town about 10 hours or more away from here. Bob used to have to walk in over 5 hours to get there, now they have a road except in the rainy season when it can wash out). Eliachin's daughters are here in the university and working, and his wife is here with them too, so they are moving here, only have to go to Chichas sometimes to see to their property and animals there. So we are seeing God's work expand. Thank you for helping to pray for these outreaches!

Bob and I just returned from a trip to Puno, both the city and some high mountain ranches about an hour's drive over dirt road from Juliaca. There are three communities, (really llama ranches with some potato and quinua plantings) that meet together once a month. This time Bob had all day Saturday with the leaders there, and Sunday with the church people. I did some children's classes. There is some discouragement among the leaders there but God used Bob to encourage and help clear up some doctrinal issues with some of them. They are thankful and want Bob to go back in Feb. to help in another one of the communities there. Thanks for praying!

A little over a month ago I had a needed encouraging word! I came home in a taxi and the driver recognized me! He said years ago I had taught him God's Word in the first school I taught in - starting in 1993. Can't say I remembered him! Those classes were big, it was a large school for the poorer people out beyond the airport. Anyway, Michel said he has had some family problems with his wife and daughter, but wants them to return to church. Thanks for praying for these lives who have been influenced over the years.

In fact, a couple weeks ago a brother from our earlier years in Perú came and asked forgiveness for some offenses he and his family had done to us years ago, including of course the unpaid large debt. Well, all is forgiven, the brother has cancer and doesn't know how long God will give him on earth. God is good, we need to forgive as He has forgiven us! More to be thankful to Him for!

School is difficult this last month. Please pray the many activities, programs, classes, and tests, etc. will be glorifying to the Lord. Please pray for the teachers, parents, children and youth, and the stress they are under, guess I need to include myself in this. It is not easy, but there are rewarding moments, and we pray eternity will show results. Please pray for the material needs of the school as well. Please also pray for our adolescents here too. It is a very difficult stage of life in this godless culture. We are working with them and praying for God to shape and lead their lives.

Some of our dear church brethren are in financial and situational needs these days. Please pray for God's provision and wisdom for all of us in this.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for us and sharing with us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering God's goodness!

Hi again folks!

October is here, bet it is beautiful in the U.S. I really miss the fall season with the colors on the trees. Here it is getting warmer and the mountains around the city have lost most of their snow. We have been very busy.

Bob had a good trip to Culypampa, and found that the believers there had not lost too many animals, nor had had too much snow this year, even though other places in the mountains did. Bob was able to encourage the believers there, this was profitable. He also has continued with Bible studies in the Majes valley and we are seeing the little group there grow slowly but surely.

Here in our main Arequipa church we had a tragedy late in September. One of the believers who worked in Tacna was found dead under a bridge there, they say he had a heart attack and fell on his head and died. His dear widow is from here and she lives with her family. They had two young children, after having lost an older son to bone cancer about 10 years ago. Please pray for the widow, Maria del Pilar, and the two little ones (12 and 10). It will not be easy for them.

School remains a challenge for me, the rowdy classes as the year winds down especially. Sometimes it is discouraging, but I am thankful for the opportunity to sow the seed of the Lord's Word in young hearts. Some do indeed respond, which is a real blessing.

We just had our 10th anniversary celebration, a busy week with contests, sports day, many other activities. It ended last night with the main Thanksgiving ceremony. One of the presentations I had to do with the 3rd grade didn't go well, as the main character did not get onto the platform in time for his part which really confused the whole thing. The teacher who was supposed to help had gotten very sick in the afternoon and couldn't come, which was the problem really, as no one else was there to help. (I was doing another number with 4th grade right before this one), but the other presentations went well, and in the end a good testimony for God was given. Bob had a good and short enough message, we trust it all was for the Lord's glory.

However, the school does have a need, of which we are very much aware each time we have an event, or even phys. ed. and other activities. The patio is too small. Civil Defense in Arequipa has sanctioned us as we do not have the required open space for earthquake drills, or for an eventual quake (which we pray won't happen, but we are in a seismic zone). The middle building on the property only has adequate space for two classrooms, as it is older, is mostly of the volcanic stone -sillar- and does not have all the columns to hold the weight of a lot of students.

The directors, Marino and Lupe, have their apt. there on the top floor. In order to extend the patio, they would need to demolish this older building, which kind of always has been in the way anyway, and build a structure on one side of it, which could hold the required classrooms without occupying the needed patio space. They had started to build the apartment where we are now for them, and as it appears we will be able to return to the apartment above the church where we were early next year, we are praying for the funds to complete this project.

Without help there is no way we could do this for several years. It is very expensive to build now in Arequipa. We do thank you so much for your prayers. We are seeing the Lord supply for our personal needs related to our living situation, and we are really thankful. Please help us pray for real unity and fellowship in the church here, for total restoration in spite of past errors. God is so very very good and we are truly thankful.

Thanks to you dear ones who pray for us an share with us. We the Lord will meet your needs and work through you too, to reach this very needy world with His message of hope and salvation through His Christ.

Dear praying friends,

After some awful wind and dust storms, and some cold spells, finally it is getting warmer here! Our weather has been really different this year, the dust storms are the worst, but we have not blown away yet.

How we thank God for your prayers! Truly, we need them now. We have made some mistakes, we have a big need but we have a bigger God. Thank you for praying for His will to be done, and peace and love be restored.

Bob has had some fruitful trips, to Espinar for some meetings, and to the communities in Puno. He has been able to encourage the believers and teach God's Word. Also, he has continued his Bible study on the basics of the faith to the new group in Central, the Majes Valley.

This past weekend I went with him, as Friday was a holiday from school. The believers there are hungry to grow in Christ and do meet together for teaching. Bob goes there on the Fridays he has free from other obligations. Later this month Bob will go way up high to Culypampa for some meetings and teaching. Right now this area is covered with snow and ice, and many of the alpacas and llamas have died for lack of food, their grass is snow covered and the extreme cold gives them pneumonia.

The dust and wind storms here were snow storms up in the altitude. Most of Peru's southern highland has these conditions and is declared in emergency now. To add to our brothers' problems in Culypampa, invaders are trying to take over their land, causing trouble. Thanks for praying for our brethren in the highlands.

Thanks for praying for the school too. We are in monthly exams. I still have a few to go, but most of mine are done and graded. The rowdy classes are a challenge and sometimes discouraging, but I am truly thankful for the ones who do listen and want to learn. Please help us pray for the teachers, students and parents. So many are from broken homes. We long for the school to be truly Christian, not just in name. Near the end of this month is the school's tenth anniversary. Please pray that the Lord will be glorified in all the presentations.

God's richest blessings for you, Noél for us.

Hi to you all!

August is here. Must say the weather is some nicer though still cold at nights. Thanks for praying for us here. There are many adjustments for us now, and it is especially difficult for me, so thanks for praying.

Last month I had some encouraging moments, meeting separately with two former students I had taught years ago in the big school out past the airport, Pionero. Each of them remembered how I taught them God's Word. One of them especially is serving the Lord now. Both had good memories and both said it meant a lot in their lives, so I thank God for this, and do desire to continue to sow His Word as seed in young hearts as long as I can. Maybe it won't be too many years more in the classroom though, I did turn 70 last month, and in some ways feel it!

Bob is in some mountain towns and ranches this weekend for meetings. Please pray he will be an encouragement to the believers and others in these areas. It seems in the province of Espinar anyway there is a lot more interest and desire for the Lord and to build up His church these days. Bob has gone to the Majes Valley too, and some of the believers are doing well, others are a bit careless in Spiritual things there. We do thank God again for the vehicle, it surely works well!

Some of our adolescents are experiencing some difficult times. I teach them Saturday afternoons. They want to walk with the Lord but have temptations and problems. Thanks for praying for them and their families.

Please also remember in prayer our dear brother just moved here from Puno, now living in the apt. where we were above the church. He has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is in a lot of pain. His wife is taking care of him and their daughter and two granddaughters are living in the second floor apt. there. Karla is the one who had an op. for aneurism before. She has to go to Lima again for treatment, so health is an issue with their family now.

Many blessings for you, Noél for us.

Hi to you all!

Happy 4th to all you fellow U.S. citizens, there or abroad! Well, while you are enjoying summer, picnics, etc. - here we are freezing! Yes, we are having the coldest winter in several years. Brr. And we are moved - into a beautiful small new apartment, next door from the church, kind of in the middle of the school, well, it is on the top of the small garage - patio of the primary building, on the street side.

The construction you helped with for the primary school is right in back of us, like the kids literally are outside our bedroom window, and they come for play in the little garden - yard right by our front steps. Kind of noisy it is around recess times, which are many as they take turns by classes coming out to play, etc. and we are growing! A lot of students, both elementary and high school. The h.s. building is on the other side of this. The church is kind of right below us and beside us too. We are kind of in the middle. We are truly thankful to all of you for your help and prayer for us.

This little apt. has one disadvantage, it is very cold. The sun does not get into the rooms like it does in the apt. above and behind the church where we were for 22 years. So it is kind of hard for me (Noél) especially. Please help me pray for warmth! Bob is really warm and that helps. When he goes to the valley which he does most Friday evenings, till Saturday aft., it is cold for me. Thanks for helping pray for this - winter should pass in a couple months, but it will always be quite cool inside here.

God is working in the Majes valley, in the new little group in a town called Central, which is kind of central for the valley. There are several really interested families wanting to follow the Lord. Today Bob went a day early to visit in La Joya, where the daughter of a dear elderly believer from here with her husband wants to reconcile with the Lord. The elderly lady is Gregoria, and this daughter, Rosa. Please pray for the family. Another daughter, Cecilia, lives here in Arequipa and attends the church here with us. We are thankful for these contacts, thanks for praying for them with us.

School keeps me busy. I do love to teach the children God's Word, and most of them are receptive. There are several from broken or confused homes though. One little 4th grader was being really disrespectful and had to leave the class. When I talked to him after it I asked him why he didn't want to listen to the words of Jesus. He just said his dad told him Jesus doesn't exist and so he didn't know if he believed or not. The parents were fighting, but I guess they are together now. The mom is a believer but the dad, not at all. This is confusing for Marcial. Thanks for praying for this little guy and others with difficult home situations. We can see society falling apart as the families disintegrate. We need GOD!

Again, thanks so very very much for your prayers and support. God is really good to us. Many blessings, Noél for us

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