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Yes, February, our rainy season! But this year sadly here in Arequipa we have had no rain. Just a few drops, a couple of days. Twice our mountains came out with snow coverings. Now even though it gets cloudy afternoons, these are clouds without rain. Arequipa needs rain to fill the water reservoirs. These are up by the mountains. So please help us pray for rain in the right places. Thanks.

In many ways, we have showers of blessings. I forgot to tell you last time of one of them. Late December, a teacher from our church (teaches in a state school, but has freedom to share the Gospel with her students) was in a shopping center and happened to be in line for something with a little girl she did not know. This little girl started talking about the real meaning of Christmas and how we needed to share Jesus. The teacher asked her what school the little girl was in. Sure enough, our school, Ebenezer! When the teacher said she knew of the school and knew us and all, the little girl's eyes got real big and they were both happy and blessed! Anyway, so much for the plug for the school. We are praying for God to send the right Christian teachers for this year, and the students and families we can reach for Him. Thanks so much for praying with us for this. Please continue to help us pray for the construction needs too. The rooms on the roof of next door are almost done. Doors, windows, railings for steps, painting and all still need doing. The building to be demolished is in the midst of the paperwork for the permission for that. 3 of the 7 steps needed for the final permission are completed. After the next 2 steps are completed, the last 2 should be quick! We have been promised by the end of this week for those 2 steps, and then, in another week, we trust, to have the go ahead. The "burro crazy" (beaurocracy) here is unbelievable. We still pray for the rest of the needed funds, but we are going ahead with what we have, and we thank the Lord for every bit. Ebenezer, this far the Lord has helped us!

In January, Alvaro was given a new frequency for the radio! He now has a permanent (10 year) license, and the new frequency should reach clearer into more areas. We had to pay extra for this too, but we praise the Lord for it. Thanks so much for praying for the radio and its outreach. Please help pray for us as we make programs. Alvaro wants me to make more for women and also children. He says the ones I did last year for the ladies have been a real blessing to many - guess especially the ladies in areas where they don't get to church much. So help pray -- thanks!!

A couple days ago, Bob and I got home from 4 days in the Ocoña valley. We have believers in several places there, and we went all the way up the valley to a mining camp. We went to another mining camp across the river. This is the biggest river in our southern desert, called "Rio Grande" Really it is Rio Ocoña but everyone calls it the rio grande. It doesn't have near enough water in it due to lack of rain in the mountains, but still there is no bridge during these months. So we had to go across it in a square wood platform, with cables, motorized (didn't used to have a motor, this is progress), that literally flies, or sails across the river, real high up. The platform is held up by ropes. We have to straddle the ropes and hold on. They stack cargo on it too, but when it takes people it only takes about 3 or 4 people, crowded on this little platform, straddling the ropes and flying across the river. Interesting! I used to think I would be scared to death to go across that way, but it wasn't scary. The sad part is that we didn't find the people over there we were looking for. Oh well, we were able to encourage most of the other believers in the mining camp and two little towns along the valley, plus a few homes where there are believers but no church near. I did a children's class with a few kids in the mining camp, and Bob preached morning, afternoon and night. We also got to go to the beach twice for about an hour, as we have believers in the town before the valley starts. (Camaná). It sure was hot in the valley though. My legs are full of gnat or "mosquito" bites. We praise the Lord the van got us there and back, but we did have to use the 4 wheel drive a couple times. To get up the valley you have to drive on a dyke, between the river and the rice fields. This dyke is covered with rocks. In some places the rocks were tumbling down off the hills by it (some places there were hills instead of rice fields) and the rocks got so deep the van wouldn't go across it. Even with 4 wheel drive, we had to clear some out of the center part. The van is lower than the big trucks or busses that go that way. Then in some places the fine sand was too deep. So we do praise the Lord for safe travels.

Bob is teaching now on Christian ethics here in our main church. He tapes his messages for the radio.

Thanks so very much for praying for us and God's work here! Thanks for all you have shared with us too. We pray God's richest blessings for you this month and always!

Again, Blessings and Love, Noél for us

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