Yes, it is truly a wet summer here! After several years of not much rain at all, this year it is really making up for it! We have had like 8 days of rain rain and more rain, day and night! Here when there isn't sun, it gets cold. So, guess the ducks are happy! And we at least should have enough water for the city's needs this year!

So we are thankful! And thankful for all the Lord is doing here. Bob is going down to the agricultural area of Pedregal every Wednesday evening for Bible study with the church there. It is about 2 hours drive from Arequipa and really growing in population. Teodoro Huayta, one of our workers, lives there. He had been witnessing to a good dentist there who worked on his teeth. The dentist, Marcos, is truly interested and desires to follow the Lord. Bob has had several visits with him. He comes to Arequipa for weekends, and has come to church here several times. Please help us pray he and his wife will come to know the Lord. Bob also goes every other week from Pedregal to the town of Aplao in the Majes Valley. We have a small group of believers there and it is growing. Bob has a Bible study with them every other Thursday evening. So besides teaching and discipling here, Bob is able to get out to the towns some too, which is an encouragement all around. He has gotten the ex ambulance pretty well fixed so he can use it for most of these trips. Last week I went with him, to Pedregal, Aplao, and then Camaná on the coast. We visited some believers there and we got a few hours at the beach. It's nicer down there than here in wet Arequipa! A nice treat for our 45th wedding anniversary!

An unexpected and unwanted happening in my life these past few weeks are trips to a dentist (here in Arequipa, but he happens to be a friend of Marcos in Pedregal). Anyway, I had a hurting molar. Now, 3 weeks, 3 crowns and two root canals later, and over a thousand 400 dollars spent, it's coming to an end. (Still a couple sessions to go.) The Lord has graciously provided, but it isn't how we had wanted to spend it. Ouch, in more ways than one!

The builders are working to finish the third floor of the high school! However because of the rains they have had to delay finishing the roof. Kind of ironic, what lacks is the sealing of the roof so the water won't filter down. They didn't get it done before the rains so we have to wait till the roof dries more. So far only a little has leaked down, but it needs to be sealed before painting and this should protect it for the future. Meanwhile they are working on the floors, walls, railings, etc. of the third floor classrooms. A group that had promised to send the rest needed to finish the building hasn't sent it yet, so we still lack a little for completion. The dollar here is at an all time low, and construction materials are high, which doesn't help either. But we are almost there and truly thank the Lord for His provision! Thanks so much to all who help and share for this project.

Friday we finish our vacation program at school. I've been teaching English to pre 5th and 6th graders and pre 7th and 8th graders, 32 students, just 3 times a week. Hopefully the pre 5th and 6th graders will sing a chorus and say a verse for the closing program, and hopefully they all have learned something about the Lord along with the English. It has been good.

However, we did miss going to the U.S. this year. We had hoped to go in January, but stayed waiting for the family who is coming to adopt from here. Please help us pray this will go through! We are disappointed that the adoption committee in Lima, who is in charge of final placements, is delaying this process for now over two months! The family has had their paperwork completed since late November, and are truly disappointed that it isn't approved yet. So are we, and the girls they want to adopt. So, please help us pray.

While waiting for this case, I have had the opportunity to help some with an orphanage here run by dear Christians. Such precious children, some who really do need "forever" families. God is good and at least one sibling set - 2 bros. and a precious little sister, are being adopted by a lovely Christian Peruvian family! That is an answer to prayer. Another precious girl and maybe her little brother really are in need of adoption. We pray God will supply the right home for them. It is a privilege to help in whatever very small way, and at least pray for these dear ones.

At home here we hope to see a few "adoptions" as well. Our sweet cocker spaniel had 6 cute little puppies Dec. 26. They will be 6 weeks Sunday, and thankfully have survived the wet rains up on the roof so far. Our Chilindrina had 6 puppies, but one died the first day. So, after the owner of the papa dog took her puppy (agreed mating "price"), Chli now has 4. They are growing, eating, chewing on my toes, etc. Really cute at this stage!

The church here continues to grow and we are seeing families come and grow together. I will humbly say the school has helped in this. A couple of the men Bob is training for leadership have their children in school. The Dads are brothers and it truly is a promising family. Please keep praying for our future leaders here. We need to see truly dedicated, faithful leaders formed.

Again, thanks so very much for all you have shared with us here and especially prayed for us. We desire to serve the Lord all we can here and for as long as God allows us to. We pray for you too, and for God's best for you! Thanks!

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