Hi friends!

Wow! This month is going fast already!! We are really busy here with church, trips, visiting, school, etc. Some new believers were baptized, and now this month some of our youth will follow the Lord in this step. Some are children of believers, which is a real blessing. Some are in the Christian school too, in my classes. God is working in their lives, and we are very thankful to see them follow Christ this way. Please pray for them, and for us as we work them and others. Bob has continued to travel to the Majes project and valley towns with weekly Bible studies, plus preparing studies for the church here and the radios they are broadcast on. Thanks for praying for this ministry too.

Forgot to tell you our little cocker spaniel had 5 pretty little puppies again on Aug. 4. They are now 2 mos. old and most of them are sold. They are cute and fun but do eat!! Oh well.

School has really been busy these last weeks. We had bimester exams, which means over 140 exams for me to give, grade, and register. Also, we are celebrating the school's anniversary this week, with the Thanksgiving service this Friday evening. Bob will be speaking to the parents and teachers, and I have several numbers with the students. We pray it will really all be for the Lord's glory. Please help us pray the school will always be a light and a good testimony, with many truly coming to know the Lord. Discipline is difficult in the large classes of especially the teens this year. We see the results of broken homes and absent parents in so many cases. Youth today are searching, yet really lack Godly guidance. Thanks for helping us pray for our part in this. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to be able to reach into so many homes with God's Word.

Thanks for praying for my health too. I had a recent nasty case of laryngitis, not being able to make a sound above a whisper. This was treated with antibiotics and cortisone, but now it is in my tonsils, eyes, sinuses (with heavy nosebleeds), so I think it may not be getting over soon. No time for more doctors, but hopefully soon to recover. God has given us good health really, but these things come our way sometimes. Thanks for praying!

Though I have had 0 time to really help with the children's home we are concerned for, I still pray for the needs there, especially for some who really need good Christian homes. God's best for them.

Earlier this week we were able to purchase our airline tickets to come visit you all in Jan., D.V. We leave Perú Jan. 10, and will spend the rest of Jan. on the eastern side of the U.S. and hope to get all the way out to the west coast in Feb. Please pray for the right vehicle for us to use there in the U.S. Bob's sister and brother in law are helping in this and we trust the best solution will be found. Well, we are looking forward to seeing some of you anyway! We have an incredibly short time to visit most of you, even our children! This time it has to be whirlwind! School starts again the second week of March, so we plan to be back here then.

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