Hi y'all!

It was my sincere intention to get this done on "May Day" as it was a holiday here (Labor Day) but it didn't happen. We have had much too much to do these days. You know what that is like.

God is blessing in many ways, and there are some discouraging things too. Good news first: we had a baptism of a youth from a church in the Ocoña valley who will be finishing high school there this year and coming to Arequipa to study. His sister is here in the University and is also an active believer. Even though these little churches in some of the towns are struggling, it is a blessing to see some of the youth come to Christ. Our youth group in the main church here in Arequipa is growing. One of the guys Bob is preparing for eldership here is teaching Basic Bible studies to these youth. This is one of many series of Bible studies Bob has prepared and it is really helping many of our new believers. We have started teaching these to two different family and neighborhood groups in a couple outlying areas of Arequipa, and new ones are coming. One of these groups is in the house of the sister who has a real gift of evangelism, Gladys, and she is seeing her husband and neighbors desire to know the Lord. Please help us pray for these outreaches.

The most discouraging thing for right now is that the ex ambulance still is not sold. We will not be able to sell it for enough to make the difference for a better vehicle, even with the funds we already have, but we know the Lord will supply and we thank you for praying for this need. We do need something from the ambulance, so please help us pray for its sale.

The school is going well and we are in exams again now. Also we are planning for a Mother's Day program next Friday. Please help me pray for God to be glorified in this, and for strength for all that needs to be done. I have had some health issues that are probably stress related so need to relax a bit more and try to get more rest, something a bit impossible it seems, but necessary.

Please help us pray for two really needed kids from school. Shortly after school started in March they were going on a trip and the bus went over the cliff. Both parents were killed. These kids are really banged up, and the son, Gerard,17, had internal injuries besides broken legs, etc. He is in his last year of school but has not been able to be in class yet. The trauma of losing both parents plus being temporarily disabled is really hard. The little gal, Allison, just 5, would be in Kindergarten.

Neither of these two have been in class yet since the accident. They are living with an aunt and recuperating. The parents were believers, but this aunt is not. She and her husband are willing to keep the kids in our school but asked for scholarships for them as they do not have the needed funds. We are praying for this and Marino and Lupe from the school are willing to help here, but it would be great if we could see sponsors for these kids raised up. It is $60. a month for all the needed fees and books, etc. Again, Gerard only has this year left, but Allison is just starting. Please pray for these dear lives. God spared them for a purpose, we know.

Thank you all so very much for praying for us and for all you share with us. We wish all you dear Moms a very happy Mother's Day! What a privilege to have and raise children for the Lord. Keep up the good work!

MAY you have a wonderful Spring, enjoying the beauty of our Lord's creation.

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