Hi y'all!

Where did June go?? And now July is starting off running, as they say! For me, school tests are coming up again this week and next, and I have to prepare most of them.

Bob and I went to Chuquibamba in early June. The car worked really well. Bob won't let me sleep in it with him, so we slept in a hotel. That was ok, much better than past years in hotels in a mountain town. There were a couple baptisms there, and meetings to encourage the small church there. It was a good weekend. Then Bob went another weekend later in June to Pampacolca. He slept in the car there. Worked ok!! Truly we are very very thankful for the vehicle. It is smaller than others we have had, but is fuel efficient, which is good, because it is gasoline, and gas here is over $5. a gallon! The U.S. $ is at an all time low, which doesn't help a lot. Guess that is true everywhere. God is so very good to us and supplies our needs. THANK YOU so very much for caring and sharing with us too. You are a real blessing!!

Here in the main Arequipa church we also have had baptisms the past two Sundays. Orlando, the husband of the lady we mentioned who has a real gift of evangelism, was baptized last week. We have a weekly Bible study in their home on Tues. evenings, to which they are inviting many neighbors, some believers, some who will soon become believers! Orlando and Gladys have made a second story on their house and are giving most of the downstairs for these meetings. Please help us pray for them and the ones there in this group. Also we have a Wed. evening Bible study with another family in another area here and their oldest son was baptized last week too. Jose has a daughter in the University. His wife left him a few years ago and lives in Lima with their 18 yr. old son. This has been hard for Jose, but he is trusting the Lord and growing in the faith. His folks and siblings are believers. They help him.

Two more were baptized last week and this week Eliot, a young man who was severely depressed, but now is now finishing law studies in the University was baptized. His folks have also been coming to church, but have had J.W. influence and are not yet ready to commit to Christ. Please pray for them, Abram and Elsa. So God is giving growth here and can turn bad news into good news.

Another really sad case that needs prayer, please, is for Marcos, the dentist we mentioned who worked in the plains town of Pedregal. He was baptized last year and is growing in the Lord. He comes to Arequipa on weekends, and a couple weeks ago he met with the surprise that his wife had left him, taking everything he had here, with their 14 yr. old son, Sergio.

Marcos is really sad over that and has tried to talk to her, without success. First she had said that her priest had told her that if Marcos did not return to the R.C. church, she should divorce him. Then she said he had to buy her another house (they own a house and a luxourious apt.) or she would leave. Well, he did not buy the house - they are really expensive now and they really don't need another one! Anyway, rumors are from the neighbors that she was being unfaithful and finally left.

Please pray for Marcos and for Sergio. We are helping him all we can, but only the Lord can work in these difficult situations. So many homes are coming apart. Our school kids suffer this too, we have many from broken or breaking homes. A really good Christian couple is coming monthly to give talks on marriage and home life and child raising at the school, for what we call "School for parents". Please pray more parents will take interest in this. Of course God's Word is the main text book.

Bob is helping translate some Creation materials and this has taken a lot of his time. He works hard preparing Bible studies too, and we are thankful that these are helping many, over radio and group teaching.

So much more has happened and is happening. Thank you so very much for praying so faithfully for us. Thank you for sharing with us too. Our street has been calmer recently, for which we are thankful, and there is even some police patrolling around.

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