Hi y'all!

Yes, another month has gone by - bye! And fast! Hope you are enjoying your summer, also going fast! Here it is still cold nights, but getting warmer in the days.

In July I got to travel with Bob a couple of times. We had a seminar in Cotahuasi, with our missionary colleagues, Brad and Gina Shaw. It was a good time, and folks came from different towns in the canyons where they work. Bob did a lot of the teaching and I helped with the children's classes. A real blessing!

From there we came back through Chuquibamba and Aplao and visited the believers there. They need prayer and encouragement as there are fewer believers in these towns, but some do desire to continue meeting together. Thanks for praying for these places and their believers.

Then last week on the school mid year vacation, Bob and I went to Espinar, a high, cold place in the Cusco province. Believers came for meetings from different ranches around, and we think it was an encouragement for them. Again, Bob did most of the teaching, though the believers from there all speak Quechua. Many of the women do not speak Spanish, so some of the brothers interpreted, or re-taught Bob's messages to the ladies.

I had some children's classes there too - the kids speak Spanish as soon as they go to school, so it worked out. Except one little detail: Sat. noon after two Bible stories and applications, songs, prayer, etc., I was playing a game with the children, (about 20 of them) and while running around their circle to get to the place before the little gal caught me I tripped and went down again, you guessed it, pow on my poor already broken, twisted, and permanently RED NOSE!!

It went "crack" and bled and I was really weak for a good while, (altitude too played a part in that!), but it did not fracture again, but it did deviate the septim more, disconnecting a bone from it's cartilage. After Espinar, we went to a ranching community (these "ranches" are llamas and alpacas, high altitude animals with valuable wool, and some sheep) in the Puno state.

I had a children's class there and again, Bob spoke, as believers from 4 churches in that high area get together once a month and this time Bob and I helped. Again, it was mostly Quechua, but the older children do know Spanish. There weren't as many children there as in Espinar, but some did profit I trust, from their Bible teaching. In both places we exhorted the parents to teach their children.

This is one of the biggest problems in our outlying churches, many of the children do not follow the Lord when they grow up even though they have Christian parents. This is one of the main reasons we have the school here in Arequipa, - though yes, it is the parents' responsibility, there are opportunities here to help the parents, students, and teachers to know and follow God. Thanks so much for praying for us in all of this.

After the ranches in Puno, we went to the city of Puno where we have a small church, founded by Mario Soto, along with Rafael Roca and their families. We were just there Sunday evening and Mon. morning. Rafael's brother is a medical doctor in Puno. He is not a believer yet, but is very willing and helpful to the believers there. He got me to get an xray in his clinic and yes, I have to get my nose fixed. I had some other problems too and he was very helpful and kind.

If you ever go to Puno he specializes in tourists' medical needs and emergencies. Also please pray for Ricardo Roca and his Dad, Alfredo, to come to know the Lord. The mom, sister, and brother are dear believers.

Well, this computer does not show me how to get the letters bigger or the paragraphs better spaced so hope you all can read this! Thanks! We have two weddings coming up this week, so my school vacation is getting shorter. Seems I also picked up some unwanted invaders in my guts on this last trip so I'm having a hard time getting much done!

Will add about the trips: the car worked really well! We were on mostly dirt roads, some worse than others, and are very thankful for the vehicle. However, on one of these dirt roads, going in to Espinar, a big truck from a mine up there threw up a rock from its tire which went right thru our windshield, shattering glass all over! This will have to get fixed. Amazing how sharp and fast that came up. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Bob keeps busy preparing his teaching times. We ask you to pray for our leaders here in the Arequipa city church, where we live. Bob is preparing some for eldership and is desiring to see them ready for this responsibility. They do a very good job while Bob is gone, but we desire to see them recognized as elders.

There are some hangups here. Also we ask you to pray for our national workers. Some have problems, specifically now the one in the Espinar area, who has gone to Cayarani, way up above Espinar. He has some attitude problems with the believers in Espinar, which is hindering the furthering of the Gospel there.

A happy surprise: our dear oldest GRANDdaughter, Tamra, is getting married in Florida in December. Also, a nephew of Bob's is getting married in Michigan in January. So we are hoping and planning to go up to the U.S. for a month. Shorter this time, and only east, as far west as Michigan and Indiana, but this grandma is sure looking forward to seeing family and share these special events with these special people! Please help us pray for God's leading in this too!

God convicted me of my forgetfulness. HE has provided the funds for the building of the 3rd floor of the primary (elementary) school! We are most thankful! Now Marino has to work on getting the permissions and the license.

They started and put up the bases and then the municipality said we had to have the license. We thought maybe it wouldn't be necessary as it is on the back of the school, not visible from the street, but because we are in the "centro historico" it is necessary. Marino and Lupe have gone to Lima for the school vacation as they had a very important event in their lives -- first grandchild born to daughter Yanira and her husband Javier. So all this paperwork will get done later this month, hopefully. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!!!

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