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Happy 4th to all you fellow U.S. citizens, there or abroad! Well, while you are enjoying summer, picnics, etc. - here we are freezing! Yes, we are having the coldest winter in several years. Brr. And we are moved - into a beautiful small new apartment, next door from the church, kind of in the middle of the school, well, it is on the top of the small garage - patio of the primary building, on the street side.

The construction you helped with for the primary school is right in back of us, like the kids literally are outside our bedroom window, and they come for play in the little garden - yard right by our front steps. Kind of noisy it is around recess times, which are many as they take turns by classes coming out to play, etc. and we are growing! A lot of students, both elementary and high school. The h.s. building is on the other side of this. The church is kind of right below us and beside us too. We are kind of in the middle. We are truly thankful to all of you for your help and prayer for us.

This little apt. has one disadvantage, it is very cold. The sun does not get into the rooms like it does in the apt. above and behind the church where we were for 22 years. So it is kind of hard for me (Noél) especially. Please help me pray for warmth! Bob is really warm and that helps. When he goes to the valley which he does most Friday evenings, till Saturday aft., it is cold for me. Thanks for helping pray for this - winter should pass in a couple months, but it will always be quite cool inside here.

God is working in the Majes valley, in the new little group in a town called Central, which is kind of central for the valley. There are several really interested families wanting to follow the Lord. Today Bob went a day early to visit in La Joya, where the daughter of a dear elderly believer from here with her husband wants to reconcile with the Lord. The elderly lady is Gregoria, and this daughter, Rosa. Please pray for the family. Another daughter, Cecilia, lives here in Arequipa and attends the church here with us. We are thankful for these contacts, thanks for praying for them with us.

School keeps me busy. I do love to teach the children God's Word, and most of them are receptive. There are several from broken or confused homes though. One little 4th grader was being really disrespectful and had to leave the class. When I talked to him after it I asked him why he didn't want to listen to the words of Jesus. He just said his dad told him Jesus doesn't exist and so he didn't know if he believed or not. The parents were fighting, but I guess they are together now. The mom is a believer but the dad, not at all. This is confusing for Marcial. Thanks for praying for this little guy and others with difficult home situations. We can see society falling apart as the families disintegrate. We need GOD!

Again, thanks so very very much for your prayers and support. God is really good to us. Many blessings, Noél for us

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