Hi to you all!

Seems like it is soon to be June already, but here we are! We surely hope all you Moms had a great Mother's Day, and now for all you Dads, hope your Father's Day will be really good! How we need strong Christian homes for this generation of youth! May we be faithful in leading our children to God and His ways!

Mid May and end of May we had weddings here! It seems like more will be coming too! We are glad for these Christian homes forming and we pray they will truly be examples of Christ and His church. These weddings are a lot of work, though we try to keep them simple. Here in Perú the municipal authorities have the power to make a marriage official, so really in the church we just have a "blessing" ceremony, but Bob usually has the couple say vows and truly his messages are geared so that all present will know the true meaning of marriage and the importance of homes with Christian formation.

Bob traveled to Cotahuasi earlier in May and we trust his time there was useful in encouraging the believers, also in Chuquibamba. Also he has continued to go to the Majes Valley every two or three weeks. An older brother who was recently baptized in Central is here in the hospital, and needs to have kidney dialysis. His kidneys do not function. He is blind because of this condition and it is discouraging for his dear faithful wife too. They will have to move to Arequipa, selling at least some of their cattle, as there is no dialysis machine in the hospital in Aplao, the nearest city to where they live. This is a huge change for them. Please pray for Augusto and Livia in this. They have one teenage son who is there in the valley with the cattle, besides being in high school. They have some cousins and Augusto has brothers who are helping with the cows, but still it is very hard. Livia has a real hard time adjusting to the city and as Augusto can't see, his wife has to be with him most of the time.

God is blessing the outreach in Polobaya and in Yarabamba, where some of our youth from here go on Sunday afternoons. There have been 2 young guys baptized in Yarabamba. Please help us pray for more. It is hard for these people to break with tradition, even if the tradition is idolatrous. Still, there is hunger for God's Word. Thanks for praying.

There is a debate now in Perú's congress on the issue of "Civil Union" - which is gay marriage. This is affecting many Christians. One is not supposed to in any way criticize these people or they go crazy in protesting their "abuse of rights". We have a very lovely young Christian girl with a Social Work major in the state university. She was assigned to debate, on the defense of this "Civil Union" issue.

She consulted with Bob, but of course she knew the answer. She just cannot do it. She says there are 2 more Christians in her group for this project, from other churches. Guess they will get a zero on their project if they do not do this. They are not allowed to change sides, though they requested to. Well, thanks for praying for Esther and her friends in this. They cannot defend the indefensable.

I always thought that Social work was a good major, and a helpful career, as it is to help others. Our granddaughter is doing a master's now in this, fortunately in at least a nominal Christian university, but it seems all the professions have so much humanistic teachings making it difficult for Christians to stand up for God's righteousness.

May, June, July and part of August are the coldest and dryest months here. The finger splitting months for me. Always before, though painful, the splits and cracks on my fingertips healed within a few days. This time, the "pointer" (index finger?) on my right hand got a nasty infection, an abcess, cellulitis, black and swollen and just really had me crying in the nights with pain. Bob took me to a local post where the dr. treated it, but did not poke it, so it got worse.

He started me on antibiotics, and finally I had to get another dr. who did indeed poke it and lots -- lots of puss came out. He changed the antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. and praise the Lord it seems to be healing, still has a ways to go, but greatly relieved. Please help us pray for complete healing and that my stomach will hold up under the week long meds. going in.

Thanks so much for all your praying for us and sharing with us. Truly we appreciate each of you, and we pray for you too.

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