Hi, y'all!

Well, it's July already! Hope you up there in USA had a great 4th! U.S. did well in the soccer, but there are always those who do better! Anyway, the prize that really is worth winning is the one Christ will give to His faithful servants at His coming! Let's aim for that one!

Thanks so very much for praying for us and for our family. Our dear grandson, Mark, is recuperating! His life is truly a miracle after that horrible accident a month ago. He is now at home! Has to go for outpatient therapy at a local hospital in northern Indiana, much better than up in Michigan. But we are super thankful for the excellent care he was given up there. God is his healer, but the drs. and staff at those specialized hospitals were really a blessing. Mark cannot put weight on his right foot for a couple months, as he had 4 or 5 fractures in the pelvis and will have to have the nails, etc. removed later. We are so grateful that even though he had a fractured skull and much bruising to the right side of his brain, that it too is healing! They say he will have full recovery. Thanks to God!

Here too, thanks for praying! My finger is healed. I then had a nasty bronchitis - had a couple weeks of strong antibiotics. That is healed now but with the force in coughing, my lower back is still hurting, could be lumbago, I don't know, but please keep praying. We both are really glad for the health God has given us so far, and we do pray it will continue, so we can continue to serve Him here. It is a cold winter, especially nights and early mornings, but has been sunny in the days. We had a small earth tremor the other day, they say this affects the climate. Others say it doesn't, but weather always changes some after tremors.

Thanks for praying for our Christian university students. God helped Esther and her Christian friend. They did not have to defend the homosexuals, only had to define the proposed law that is being debated in congress now. Bob has printed some tracts presenting the true Gospel and how God is against these perversions of this generation.

Bob had a good trip last week to the Espinar area. God is working there! Several churches Bob planted are growing. The main Arequipa church is supporting a worker there, plus giving to other believers in the area for this outreach. It is mostly Quechua, so we are really thankful for the national workers there. Here, the outreach in Yarabamba and Polobaya continues. The two young guys who were baptized in Yarabamba are meeting and witnessing. But as yet, no one else has joined them in that step of faith, identifying with Christ. Bible studies with interested ones continue, please pray!

Please also continue to pray for the school here. We are thankful for our dedicated teachers. We pray for true conversions to Christ for our students. They are growing up in a wicked generation and need our prayer and support. Thanks so much to you who are helping sponsor some of the students here. Please also pray for the project that needs to be done the end of this year, the demolition and reconstruction of the middle building on the school property, in order to extend the patio to meet Civil Defense's requirements for enough open space for earthquake drills, and possible quakes. Most of the funds have been provided, but we still lack some.

Thanks for praying, and for sharing with us May God bless you richly!

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