Hi to you all!

True, when we think how fast time flies, it is sobering! Hope you are having a nice fall season. I sure still miss the autumn leaves and crisp air, even after almost 48 years here.

Last letter told of many positive things, people baptized, etc. We are thankful we also had one young man, son of a dear believer with rheumatoid arthritis, baptized in Sept. However, another young believer, 26 years old, died in Sept. Juan Carlos had a rare condition that caused tumors to grow and invade his organs. He had this from infancy and had a difficult life. His father abandoned him, his mother and sister when he realized this condition. So his Mom, Janet, devoted all those 26 years in caring for Juan Carlos and his older sister. Carla is now in Brasil finishing post.grad. studies and Janet was able to go with her there last week. Juan Carlos was a blessing to us, though he was weak and suffered physically. We are thankful he knew the Lord, as do Janet and Carla. Thanks for praying for them.

There was also a tragedy in school. One of our little 5 year olds, Zenaida, died. She was diagnosed with hepatitis, but they say she died of pneumonia. She had been in the hospital for a couple weeks. I understand the parents are not believers, but our kindergarten teachers are (her little sister is in the 4 year old group). These kindergarten children know and sing precious praises to our Lord every a.m. and they are told God's Word. They love Jesus. We know Zenaida is with Him now, but the family is quite upset.

There are problems with just living in Perú. Our water system is bad these days. We are in a draught, did not have enough rain last rainy season, and so the water levels in our dams are way too low. They raise trout in these water reserves, and there is way too much algas in them. The water tastes awful, smells awful, and is awful. Please help us pray for rain to fill the reserves to the required levels to be able to purify and drink decent water.

Then there are social problems. The state paid doctors have been on strike for like 6 months. This really affects the needy sick folk. Also, our Post Office has been on strike for almost a month and there is no solution in sight. For those of you who will get this by snail mail, we have no guarantee how long it will be till you get it. Sorry! They say mail goes out from here to Lima, but may not go farther. The working hours are only mornings till 4 p.m. and I can hardly get there before they close. Only one employee works at the window and they are not putting mail in the boxes.

Also, we have had some problems in the main church here. All these need prayer. Guess the enemy does not like it when God's Word prospers and souls are truly saved. Thanks for praying.

Also, the school project was rejected by the municipality, but there is good news: after some modification, the plans should be approved. The demolition has been approved, it is just the way the reconstruction is in the plans. They are too fussy. This will cost extra in modification, but we have to do it. Thanks for praying for all these needs.

There is good news too! Bob has had some good trips. In Pampacolca, one of our older churches, the believers are also all older. Youth tend to leave these small towns to come study in the city, and literally all the believers in this town are in later 70's or 80's. Bob was able to baptize a new believer there! He is 87 years young! His wife is a believer and prayed for her husband for a long time, so we are glad he gave his heart to God. His name is Cesar Chavez.

On Sunday, Oct. 5, Perú had municipal and regional elections. There will be a runoff election for the regional president in a month or more. Voting is obligatory here and there is much corruption. Please help us pray for our leaders and for continued freedom to spread God's good news here. Thanks!

So, good news and some not so good, but we are so thankful for the Lord´s presence here. Thanks so much for all your prayer and sharing with us. God bless each of you!

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