Hi in July!

And happy 4th to all "US" Americans. Trust you are having a good summer. Here we are having a mild winter. Nice, not too cold nor too dry, my fingers have not split like usual in June.

Bob had some good trips in June. I did not go with him as planned to Cayarani. He took some national workers instead. I had wanted to go but it did not work out this time. They had 4 baptisms in the new area of Anchayaque and a couple in Espinar. God is working there. Daniel Sayco, from there, really does a good job of winning souls and discipling them. Bob is going again now to help teach some of these new ones. Thanks for your prayers for this area and for Daniel.

Bob also went to the Majes Valley again. The ones that were baptized last year there need prayer for growth. In Aplao there is a little group.We trust they will stay faithful. Teodoro Huayta is helping them. God can work in the whole valley, thanks for prayer. Bob plans to go to the Puno and Juliaca area again the end of this month. We have a guest here with us for a few months, Jeff, who will probably accompany Bob on that trip. Jeff is studying Spanish here, hoping to minister somewhere to hispanics. He is a blessing!

Some of the believers from the main church here are continuing their outreaches to the towns nearby, to Yarabamba, Polobaya and a new area near there, Agua Buena.Thankfully, they are seeing some fruit. Thanks so much for your prayers for the Lord's work here. We have two home Bible studies here in Arequipa. One is a home church. They have a very dedicated leader who was an elder in the church of Chichas where he and family formerly lived. However, there are some difficult cases with believers there. Thanks for praying!

Finally! We are thankful that the building project for the school has been approved by the municipality.That was a long burro-cratic effort! They had worked on it since the demolition the end of Feb. but we needed the legal permit to go ahead full speed, which is happening now even though classes are in session. It makes noise, especially in the 6th grade. The kids make noise there too. Please pray for me in teaching with all the noise. They are good kids, and we are really thankful to be able to teach God's Word freely here and they are learning, but it is not easy in these days of permissiveness and lack of discipline from early on. The "rights" of children are such that children can denounce and sue their own parents if they feel the parents are treating them wrong. Not to mention in the schools. Can't look at 'em crosseyed! Well, we haven't had too much problem here but it is touchy. My fifth graders are great. They have a really dedicated Christian teacher, which makes a big difference!! Thanks so much for praying for our Christian school! May God continue to bless it and really my prayer is that all these students will come to know Christ personally. A big challenge.

For the month of August we have at least 3 weddings coming up! Glad to say these couples are all "doing it right" and giving a good testimony. We trust God will indeed bless them and form Godly homes. Thanks for praying and sharing for God's work here.

Again, Thanks, and Blessings,

Noél for us

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