Hi to you dear ones,

In spite of the political mess the U.S. is in, we can surely THANK our all powerful LORD! He has His plan for our country and for all of His people. May our prayer be fervent for our nation and for God's chosen ones worldwide. We certainly thank God for the freedom we have to proclaim Him and His Word and plan of salvation to all here. We need to continue taking advantage of this!

Bob had some profitable trips in October. He was in the Majes Valley and up in Chuquibamba, the believers there need a lot of encouraging to keep going, but God is working in some of them anyway. Then just a week ago there were two special meetings in the mountain areas of Espinar - Chullupata, and then above the Colca canyon in Tuti. There were over 200 in the Tuti meeting and they were encouraged in the Lord. These are Quechua areas, especially Chullupata.

Bob slipped and fell in the snow getting there and hurt his shoulder. It is slowly getting better, but we do need prayer as the trips are a bit harder on us older folks, at least out where the roads are difficult. It is raining/snowing some now in the high places and at night there was no light - so from where Bob had to leave the car to the meeting place it was kind of slick in the snow. Worth it to reach the dear believers and help them grow in Christ.

This coming weekend I plan on going with Bob to the Puno-Juliaca area. In a Quechua community inland from Juliaca there is a baptism planned for Sun. a.m. Sat. we plan on being there to talk to one of the men who will be baptized, and Sunday afternoon we plan on going to Puno for a meeting with the church there. I will miss Mon. a.m. classes at school, but our monthly tests should be done by then, so I can go.

Bob continues discipling new believers here, counseling, visiting, preparing and teaching God's Word. Many seek him out for help with their multiple problems and just teaching in the Lord. I can visit with him sometimes, but mostly am busy with school. Precious childrem in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, I love teaching them God's Word and we get thru some English too! Please help us pray for the school construction project, over halfway provided for but still have a need to finish during the upcoming vacation. Thanks so much to those who have helped in this and especially thanks for your prayers.

For the 2017 school year we are also praying for a few more sponsors, to help pay school fees for those who cannot afford a Christian school without help. We are truly thankful for those of you who are helping some of our children here. There are still many who have the need, many broken homes and economic need, even though the news says Peru is progressing! The value of the U.S. dollar is fluctuating, recently was higher and now is dropping. We think the instability of the political situation in the U.S. affects this. Again, prayer is needed!

The main Arequipa church continues to be "overpopulated" in that there is standing room only in our main Sun. a.m. service. We need to see about purchasing more chairs anyway, thanks so much for praying for true growth, not just numbers. Please help us pray for leaders for the church here. Bob has a special meeting for preparing future leaders Monday afternoons. Please pray for this, and for godly leadership in all areas here.

Thanks so much for all your prayer and sharing with us here. Have a very meaningful Thanksgiving time later this month and always! In every thing give thanks, is our command for all year round, 24/7. Thanks so much!

Thanksgiving blessings for you all, Noel for us

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