Hi to you all!

Wow! December is going by so fast! Such a busy time, we do want every moment to count for the Lord. So, where to start? Bob had a good trip to the Majes Valley and I think they are finally meeting together as a little church, this is encouraging. Some of the young teen girls want to be baptized - they need some counsel and teaching - to be sure they are ready, but it is an indication that the Lord is working, they are daughters of believers.

As you know, we live somewhat near the Colca canyon, where Bob Riggenbach started many churches. There is a volcano there that is blowing up. It is Sabancaya, and has been in eruption for some years, but this year it has become especially active, dumping ashes which destroy the crops in the whole area. The people who live up there are suffering, respiratory problems, animals sick, and their crops destroyed. Please help us pray for them and the whole situation.

The volcano has calmed down some just recently, and we hope will go back to "sleep". We even get the fine ash dust all over our patio, garage, window sills, Bob's car, etc. It is a bother, but not at all what the folks up in the canyon are suffering. As to our weather though, it is usually warm and getting ready to rain in December here. But we have had cold spells, high chilly winds, and absolutely NO rain. Please help us pray for these conditions here too, as our water will be rationed and crops around here ruined too, very limited harvests.

God is at work here though. A dear brother, evangelist who has served faithfully in and above the canyon, Espinar, and his town of Sibayo was brought to Arequipa with severe appendicitis. The hospital here was on strike, and all they did was send him back up to Sibayo with some injections and pills. He got lots worse and his daughters brought him back again, but the hospital workers again did not attend him, just were going to observe and study the case.

His daughters took him to a private clinic which is very expensive for them but at least they operated on him at 11 p.m. when he got in there on emergency. However the appendix had already burst so he was put on tons of IV's, drains, etc. and it got complicated with pneumonia. Albino is 80 years old, so this is very dangerous. He was draining dark fluid through his nostrils, on high oxygen, and was hallucinating, and the doctors finally said he was not going to get better, and should just go home - to die.

Well, we did pray, were ready for whatever God wanted, and truly, miraculously, the next day he was sooo much better, could drink some water, etc. He still can't eat, but he is totally lucid, on very low oxygen, and joined us in singing in Quechua, some of the songs he composed. Albino plays the harp and has composed several songs for the Quechua hymnbook we use in our mountain churches. He continues to recuperate, and the churches here are giving some offerings to help pay for his continued stay in this clinic. Please help us pray - for God to finish this good work He has started, and for the provision for it all. His son has professed to return to the Lord's ways if indeed his Dad gets well. Albino's family are really praying for this miracle, and God is answering. Amazing.

This month with the youth from church we have done some Christmas bag distribution in the state boy's home, with the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with these boys, we pray for fruit in their lives, they are a needy bunch. We plan on doing the same thing in the Children's Home we help this Friday, Lord willing. So much goes on this time of year. We are in final exams in school, and preparing for the closing ceremony Dec. 23. Please help us pray for a good end of this school year, and for the vacation program planned for January. Please help us pray for more sponsors for needy children to continue in the Christian school.

And please help us pray for Peru and its education curriculum. The govt. is renewing this and including what they call "equality of gender". That is - if anyone decides to be homosexual they have to be not only tolerated, but accepted and encouraged in this lifestyle. This includes "redefinition of the family". That is, some children can have 2 moms, or 2 dads, not necessarily Mom, Dad, and children. All this to be taught in the schools. It is already imposed in the govt. institutions, where abandoned or needy children are cared for.

The dear Christian directors of the home we help is fighting this but would be put in jail if he refuses to accept this. He can teach God's Word to the children, and pray for the Lord to work. We have total freedom to do the same in our Christian school and certainly this is the whole purpose. We have seen these very things destroy the education system in the U.S. We are so thankful we have freedom here so far, please help us pray this will continue in spite of the humanistic world view coming into being here in Peru.

Thanks so very very much for all you have prayed for us and shared with us this past year. We wish you all a very very merry Christmas, filled with the true meaning of Christ's coming to save us. What a reason to rejoice -- God our Savior has come!

Christmas Joys for you, Noel for us

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