Yes, someone must have prayed for rain for us. Thanks. We got it, flood style. January it rained almost all month, with floods, rivers and drainage ditches overflowing and landslides destroying lives and properties. As the rain from the mountains filled with dirt and rocks, these came flooding in blocking the pipes to our main water system, so the water was cut off from the houses for almost a week. Some districts still do not have running water, we are blessed to have a tank, and now to have the service restored. Right now it is not raining but the forecast is for February to have intense rains again, that is why I say "FebruRAINY" Thanks for praying for survival thru all this too!

Last month, January 9, marked our being as missionaries here in Perú for 50 years. We later celebrated 51 years of marriage. The brethren here had celebrations for us for both of these, well, we praise the Lord for keeping us here and thanks so much to all of you who so faithfully pray and share with us.

Bob and I went to the Majes valley a couple of weeks ago, and visited the newly baptized sisters there, plus the other believers. The work in the valley is slow but God does bring fruit, they do need prayer. Now Bob is in Juliaca, and will go to Occoro to meet with the believers who were baptized there late last year. The work there is growing and the believers are very sincere. They are also building a meeting place with solid materials, as the old one was just adobe and the weather is hard on it. Thanks for praying for all these believers.

Here - today was the closing ceremony for our vacation program at the school. God is sending us new students and they and their parents seem happy about it, so even though some students leave us, several new ones are coming in. Please help us pray the Lord will send us dedicated Christian teachers. Some of our Christian teachers are leaving us too, and we pray for more, of God's choice. Thanks to all who are sharing to sponsor some of the needy children to get to come to Christian school - may we always honor the Lord in everything we do. We praise the Lord that finally the license from the Civil Defense was granted. Now we are starting to demolish and rebuild the last of the old rooms in the back of the new widened patio. The Lord is supplying the funds, but we still lack some. Thanks for praying for this for us too. Again, we know the most important building is in lives, for Christ.

Bob and national elders and workers had another united meeting January 26, in our Cono Norte church. These are a blessing and encouragement to leaders from here and various other places - guess they plan on every 2 months to have these meetings. Prayer is needed for our national workers.

An urgent and sad prayer request is for some of our believers here in our main church. Our enemy is attacking our homes. At least 3 marriages are having real problems. One of them is a couple who we had hoped would be in leadership here. Several have counselled them and it seems the Lord is helping them reconcile, but there are many issues yet to be resolved. They have their two daughters in school here and today the younger one had a principal part in the closing of the vacation program.

Both parents were here together for this and it seemed that they are talking things over. Both were at prayer meeting here last night and the same thing was going on, so we are thankful, hopeful and prayerful. However - sadly, the other two homes are in deep trouble. In one case, the wife actually went to the police and accused her husband of forcing her and the children to change religion. The police told him he had no right to teach his children about God. Nancy was baptized along with her husband a couple years ago but has completely gone against God and church.

Her husband Jeronimo has been faithful here and sometimes the oldest two children come with him, but the younger girls never. In the other case, the young husband has left home and wants time to consider going back. This young couple have precious 3 yr. little boy. In all these cases, the children suffer the most. Please please pray for us in this. it is wrong to deny that even though we are enjoying God's blessings, there are problems.

Again, thanks so much for standing with us here. Many blessings for each of you, Noél for us

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