Dear friends,

Thanks so much for praying for us. Many prayed for my healing after that awful fall. It was a long road, July was NOT the best month of my life, but we praise the Lord most of my pains are gone or going. Thanks, and boy, I never want to fall like that again!!

Bob had a profitable meeting again with the leaders of several churches in a mountain area - in Sibayo. There were other meetings in another area of Espinar that weekend too and those also were good, they say. We are truly thankful the Lord is raising up some men to lead these churches - please keep praying for this great need. We need men filled with the Holy Spirit with solid families and values, there are a few, but more are needed.

July 28, Peru's Independence day, I went with Bob and a couple other brothers from here to Juliaca, where we talked with a dear sister who wanted baptism, and the next day, Saturday, we met up with the believers from Puno and Thelma was baptized in Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake, by a beautiful beach. It is winter here and cold in the altitude, but the lake water was warm around noon time, even though the air was cold. Anyway, we thank the Lord that the Puno church is growing too. Thelma's daughter was baptized in November, and we were there for that too. The family attends the church in Puno as it is in Spanish, while the church in the Quechua community of Occoro is mostly done in their native Quechua. Anyway, there is great fellowship with the group there. Sunday the 30th we were in Occoro for their combined meeting with the church in Patapampa, another Quechua community. We got home late Sunday night, and school started up after mid year vacation Monday. So we have been and are very busy! But blessed. Now Bob is going to Espinar area again, a Quechua community Mamanihuayta, for meetings tomorrow and Sunday. We are thankful for our national worker, Daniel, who is seeing growth and blessing in this vast area. Thanks for praying for these outreaches.

However, Satan does not rest and again we have had some of our families with struggles. This comes with gossip and discontent and we pray will not cause division. Please help us pray for these problems, just when it seemed truly overcome, again, a little point causes friction.

Thankfully, the school building project is almost done, and totally provided for. It is being used too. School this year is a blessing, with dedicated teachers and content for the most part, very active! Many holidays and special events these months, all good and we trust, glorifying to God.

A couple weeks ago there was an earthquake along the coast north of Camaná and a good part of a mountain literally fell over the Panamericana highway, blocking the only accessible highway between Arequipa and Lima. So for a long time goods were not able to get through, busses, trucks, etc. blocked. They had to go via Cusco, instead of the normal 18 hour trip from Arequipa to Lima it was 26 hours, via Cusco. Finally it is being fixed so that at least one way at a time can get thru, delaying, but not as bad as the Cusco route. We had a book order stuck in the blockade, but we finally got it 2 weeks late! We felt the shake up here but it was not bad in the city, just kind of a long shake.

Well, never a dull moment! Thanks so very much for your faithful prayers for us and for sharing as God leads you! Thanks so very much, and we wish you many blessings,

Noél for us

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