Hi to you dear ones,

Finally! Many things have happened to make this late, sorry. Last month I forgot to mention that we have had some funerals. The two last month were old people, a dear sister from way up around lake Titicaca, only spoke Aymará, stepmom and grandmom of sisters from here, and then an old grandpa of another believer here. The sister we believe is with Jesus, but the older grandpa we don't know, God does. Still - it is difficult for family members and others.

Well, last week we had another one, this time truly sad. One of the elders of the church that meets with Phil Riggenbach passed away - he was a dear saint, active in God's work. Donato had leukemia and we knew this was coming some time, but honestly I thought he would be with us a bit longer. He is with his Lord, but he is sorely missed here. Please pray for his widow, Manuela, and their 3 grown children. Precious family. Well, death is a part of life, so we accept that and were able to minister some anyway especially in the older folks' funerals.

Here we had a really cold winter, June - August, but now it is getting some warmer it seems, high parts got some rain and our mountains got new snow, but Misti has lost its "poncho" now. As to the weather, we are really praying for our family and friends in Florida as they prepare for this horrible hurricane Irma - not at all a welcome visitor. We do pray God will keep His people safe and their homes too. He alone can calm the storm.

Here in Arequipa we are between two large Roman Catholic institutions and surrounded by several RC churches. Today they celebrate the virgin Maria's birth, 9 mos. after her "immaculate conception" Dec. 8. All holidays and most weekends are full of loud firecrackers, which cause our poor little cocker to cringe. Guess the virgins and the saints just love firecrackers, but they don't seem to wake up no matter how loud they get!

Anyway, we are very thankful for this property, our church and home, central meeting place for our dear believers. God gave this to us in 1989 and we began meeting here in 1990. In 1991 the apts. above the meeting place were finished and we moved here. Now, 2017, we are transferring all the property into the name of an association - several of our local church members, and us included. They have unanimously agreed to let us remain living here as long as we last on this earth, but we won't have to worry about the govt. or anyone else taking it over if something happens to us. Ironically, because it is a central location and now valued much more than what it cost us, we have to pay a tax on it in order to be able to give it away! But the church offerings will cover most of it, and they are very good about their share of expenses, etc. Thanks for helping us pray for a smooth transfer here, plus the other needs.

Also we are thankful for the school, the opportunities to teach God's Word. I want to continue doing this as long as God permits, kids these days are a bit more difficult and confused because of our messed up society, broken homes, lack of discipline, etc. - so we need prayer for this generation, we all desperately need Christ.

Bob spends time teaching, counseling, preparing, studying, visiting, traveling some, discipling newer believers, and much more. We thank the Lord for our health. Bob has had some minor problems with his sciatic nerve and I have had a tight throat, dry cough, etc. throughout the winter here, somewhat provoked by slight allergy to wool and the contamination with all our incredible traffic - way too many vehicles for these streets.

Thanks so much to all who pray for us and share with us. We pray God's best for all of you! Thanks so much again, Many Blessings, Noél for us

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