Hi to you dear ones,

Well, not just in November. We should be thankful all the time. But as Thanksgiving comes near, we remember all we have to thank the Lord for.

Bob went on some trips later last month. The first one, he was supposed to be in Culypampa, (very high) for some special meetings. But - going through the mine before getting there his car hit a sharp rock in the dirt road twice, front and back wheels. Well, it blew the 2 tires. Other things were out of whack too. The guys with him helped change the one tire (he had one spare) but the other one they had to get fixed somewhere. So they were forced to go back to a place where they could get at least two tires, but not the right size.

Somehow they made it back to Arequipa, and the next day Bob was able to get the things fixed on the car. But the mechanic told him that after 5 or 6 years, this vehicle is losing the life he needs for where it goes. This is sad to think about. For sure it is the very best car we have ever had and really has worked well. Also the expense of another one seems out of sight. We will for sure keep this one as long as possible, but guess you can help us pray for wisdom in this, a lot depends on where Bob takes it.

The roads in Perú are much better than before, but still not all good ones, in fact many are very difficult still, especially in the rainy season. Up there where they got stuck it was snowing, and that melted makes slush and mud. The car was caked with mud and dirt when it got back to Arequipa. The next weekend Bob did make it fine to Caylloma, also high, but not as high as Culypampa.

They had good meetings there, the believers were encouraged. This past weekend he was in the Majes valley in a town called Cantas, and there they also had good meetings, encouraging the believers in the valley. Thanks for praying for the many believers we have in mountain and valley areas, and some on the coast too, Camaná especially. They all need encouragement in Christ.

As God blesses, His and our enemy cause trouble. We have had problems with our Quechua worker, Daniel - moral problems with his son, and Daniel not only accepting it but promoting it, not taking seriously God's standards and not accepting counsel or correction. So for now the church here is cutting off his support, but instead of recognizing sin, he is rebelling more. Please pray for Daniel and this whole situation. He was used of the Lord to bring many to Christ, but somehow now is going in the wrong.

Here in Arequipa, the Christians from different churches, and the Christian schools, have remembered the 500 years of the Reformation movement. The Christian schools, including ours, had a large march, with the bands of a couple larger schools - on one of the main streets here. It was a good testimony. Also there was a thanksgiving service and concert last Saturday for this, also an excellent testimony.

These were mostly organized by the Norwegian Lutheran mission and school, but different Christian churches cooperated. It was a good testimony too. Truly we are very very thankful for the freedom we have here to teach and spread the Lord's Word, His gospel of salvation by grace, through faith, and based only on Holy Scripture. Again, so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for you dear ones who stand with us in spreading and teaching God's Word, forming disciples of Christ. We have seen growth.

We are glad to be sending a couple to the tribal work at the end of this year. Joel and Esther are preparing for this, and are faithfully serving the Lord here while in preparation. Please pray for them, that all their needs will be met and that they will have a fruitful ministry for our Lord.

Here it is late spring, but we have had a cold spell, nights and early mornings especially, with lots of wind. Still, it is a nice weather time. We are in the last bimester of the school year. Again, we are truly thankful for the freedom to teach God's Word in the school. Please help us pray for next year, dedicated Christian teachers, students, and sponsors for several children whose parents or tutors can not pay fees.

Fees have to go up some as the teachers need more pay. The state has raised the minimum wage for the teachers immensely, forcing the private schools to also pay more. We need God's wisdom and guidance, and His provision for all of this.

Thanks so very much for praying and sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving season. Our webpage, done by our son, Joe, is bobandnoelrich.com Our support address is-

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, N.J. 07762-0013 with a note - for Bob Rich, Perú.

Many Thanksgiving blessings for you, Noél for us

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