Hi friends, welcome to 2018!

Trust all year will be full of the Lord's blessings for each of you! Well, January is moving fast too. December was full for us. With the youth of our main church we were able to distribute Christmas goodie bags with socks, candies, pannettones, a small toy and a ball, and a good Christian magazine to boys at the state boys home, plus present God's Word to them, and to another children's home (Christian) we also help as we can.

Our brother and colleague, Jeff, married a lovely Peruvian sister here Dec. 15. We are thankful for Jeff and Angela and their united desire to serve the Lord. Thanks for praying for them and all the adjustments that come with being newlywed, etc. This was a highlight of December!

The main highlight of December for our brothers and sisters here was the sending of the dear couple, Joel and Esther Gonzalez, as missionaries to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle of Peru. Sunday, December 24 was the meaningful commission service for them.

They are going with Pioneers mission but our church here is their main sending church. We need to continually back them up in prayer and support. The first 2 months they will be in training in Pucallpa, then plan to move into an area of this tribe with very little Gospel knowledge. Please help us pray for their adjustment, learning of the language and culture, and work to see a true church for the Lord raised up in that area. We thank the Lord for Peruvians being able to send Peruvian missionaries!

The school closing ceremony went well too and we feel the Lord was glorified in that. Now we are starting a vacation program to help new students and some of the older ones prepare for the school year of 2018 starting in March. I will help with English one day a week, Lord willing. Please help me pray for the Lord to be glorified in this too. And for the school, for the Lord to send His chosen teachers, students, etc. And for the ability to pay the teachers what is needed.

Thanks so much for praying for the school. We just want God to be glorified here in all of the ministries. This is an important one! We also need sponsors for many of the students whose families just can not pay the necessary fees. Thanks for praying and thanks to all who are helping in this.

Christmas, Dec. 25, Bob and I went to the coast to spend 3 days by the beach, - a lovely time. Returning the 28th, we were here only one day, then Saturday the 30th we took Joel and Esther to the airport for their flight to Lima, and we left from there to Juliaca, in the mountains, for some meetings in the Quechua community of Occoro. It is high and cold, rainy season and wet and muddy!

Bob and other brothers from up there preached and I got to help with the children the second day, with a Peruvian sister who works in a town near Juliaca. It was a blessing and an encouragement for the believers there. We also were able to counsel a young couple in Juliaca, where we stayed, so we were glad we went. On the way back down the mountain, there was really thick fog for miles, making it very slow moving, behind trucks, etc. Rainy season is often like that, and the roads are winding and treacherous. We thank the Lord for getting us back safe.

Bob is praying about going to Espinar again next week as there were problems there with one of our workers. We believe God is working in his life and things may be better, but it would be good if Bob went up there to encourage them. Thanks so much for praying for wisdom in his trips. Also, please help us pray for our vehicle situation. The vehicle we have is the best we have ever had, but mechanics are telling Bob its useful life is coming to an end. A new one would be a huge expense, please help us pray for wisdom and the vehicle God wants for Bob now. Thanks!

The new year brings joy too. A few youth will be baptized this Sunday, Lord willing. They are from the little settlement Agua Buena, where one of our families is going on a weekly outreach, about an hour and a half from Arequipa. Some others from here are preparing for baptism too, we are thankful the Lord is working.

Please remember to pray for God preparing leaders for His work here. The other elder in our main church here in the city has recently been able to move with his family to their new house they just are finishing building. That is a big adjustment for them and the wife and two teen daughters, plus their little one and a half year old son, need prayer in all this. This is a precious family for us, and we do need more leaders, thanks for praying!

There are other needs here, marriage problems, rebellion of some - when God blesses the enemy fights. Thanks so much for praying for us, and sharing as God leads you. May your whole 2018 be blessed and filled with the Lord and His service - thanks so much,

Blessings, Noél for us.

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Thanks - God's Richest blessings for you!

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