Hi to you dear ones,

Well, March is here, and we are marching forward as well. There are some things that make us go backward it seems, but the Lord helps us through those times too. February was a very painful month for me! Somehow I got a really excruciating "pain in the neck" (it was almost where the neck hits the shoulder) Anyway, after many days of pain shots and pills I got brave and went to the chiropractor ("bone cracker"). This is a long journey, but it is getting better, praise the Lord! We paid a lot and I go 3 times a week - he says for 3 months, may be a bit sooner down to 2 times, we will see.

Yes, I am a "pain in the neck" these days, and then to make things worse, I did a really dumb dumb thing. Along some of our too narrow brick streets they have these - like - hitching posts, thick metal posts. I was being a good girl and watching the stoplight (also a rather new commodity for Arequipa) and when it changed I started to cross the street and threw my left thigh directly into this post - ouuuuch.

I almost couldn't cross the street. I have a huge bruise, but that too is hurting less. For a while I could not bend my knee at all, nor do much with that leg. Wonder what the posts are for? I did too. Bob told me they are to teach the cars to not drive on the sidewalk. Believe me, the tons of cars here (and their drivers) need a LOT of instruction.

Anyway, enough for my pains. Something terribly worse happened - in an area of the Arequipa region a bus went over the cliff killing 46 people, still more wounded, children, whole families, etc. Guess it was the worse accident in Arequipa since the Faucett airplane crash over ten years ago. Many roads here are still way too dangerous. Thanks for your prayers, for our health and safety too, and for the many others who need Jesus before they are thrown into eternity.

Last weekend over 63 youth from several of our churches in the mountains and valleys around this region came together for a youth congress. Bob and Jeffrey spoke to them, as well as the missionary who hosted the event, Steve Peat. It was really a good time, of fellowship, preparation and solid Scripture teaching on topics these kids need to hear. Several of them were children of believers, others new believers. Thanks for praying for the results and fruit from these meetings.

Bob is now on a trip to both Pedregal and then the Majes valley, specifically Aplao. We couldn't deal with all the problems and needs when we both went a month ago. We do not know how the church in Espinar is doing, but we thank you for praying for our dear people in these places.

Our school starts Monday, March 5, and we ask you to pray for more students, especially in kindergarten, to replace the grads - it was a big class and now we don't have enough registered for the kinder and younger years. Seems like we have a good group of teachers, mostly Christian, and we need prayer for them too, the spirit in general, the parents and/or tutors, and our directors, Marino and Lupe, for wisdom in decisions and administration.

Lord willing I will be teaching 10 hours a week, "Christian formation" (Old Testament this year to 5th grade and Bible stories to 3rd grade), and the rest English to these 2 grades. Thanks so much for praying for the school. Thanks to you who are helping sponsor some of our needy students. Thanks to all of you who pray for us and the Lord's work here.

The end of this month is the Easter season again. May God bless you as we always remember all the Lord has done, to save us and keep us for Him. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú) Thanks so very much!

Many blessings and thanks, Noél for us

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