Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for us and sharing with us for the Lord's work here. April had its sad moments. A widowed sister who works in a mine has 3 daughters. One of them has her two daughters in our school. But she had a baby boy who developed a brain tumor at a year old. He had been in hospital for some months when finally he died. This was a traumatic experience for the family. I had taught these girls way back in Pionero school now they are married and have children, though this girl, Kimberly, married an Adventist. He lets Kimberly come to church and lets his two daughters be here in school, but there are some conflicts, and the death of their baby boy was a difficult time. God gave us words to console the family at the funeral and now Kimberly is seeing her need of following Christ. WE are thankful for this anyway.

Then, we had a wedding, a young Christian couple from one of the smaller churches we have in Arequipa. It was a testimony too to their families. We need to pray for these young families. So many homes are breaking up. The children are confused and the result is a very corrupt society, quickly losing morals and Christian values. This shows up at school in countless cases, and the required "new" curriculum the government is imposing on schools is Godless. In every area they omit the Lord and try to impose on all schools that this trash be taught.

We pray we will stand firm, though if they come and "observe" how we are teaching, we may be fined (most of these "fines" are really bribes to let us be). We are thankful for the freedom we have experienced for years and pray it will continue, to be able to teach God's Word, His values, and His salvation to all who come here. Thank you for praying for the school and its broad ministry. We are thankful for our Christian teachers. Please pray for them especially.

As always, we ask prayer for leaders to be raised up here, in our main church here, more elders, and in the other smaller churches in other neighborhoods of Arequipa and in valley and mountain areas in the region. Bob has a meeting each Monday afternoon for discipling and training about 7 men for this purpose. Please remember them in prayer. Especially we ask for one of our deacons, Justo Pastor Llerena. He is "our" Pepe's adoptive Dad. Justo had a heart attack a couple weeks ago. It is a miracle he is alive. He had been visiting a granddaughter and helping her ride a bike, like, running the bike some and he just collapsed, severe chest pains, etc. Praise the Lord one of his sons was there with his car and literally raced his Dad to the hospital - running red lights, etc. They got there really just in time.

Justo was unconscious and they immediately wired and tubed him all up, got his heart going. After ten days in the hospital he is home but has to rest. Please do pray for him. He is a bit discouraged, thinking now he won't be able to do all he was doing. He was visiting in hospitals, traveling to especially 2 or 3 areas to encourage believers, etc. He probably won't be able to go to the higher altitude areas, but we hope he can indeed travel some to the coastal town he was visiting. It may be a while, but we and of course his whole family are very thankful God spared his life.

In the last several letters I mentioned our own Peruvian missionaries to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle here in Peru. Joel and Esther are now living in a town in the tribe, concentrating on learning the language and visiting and encouraging the few believers among these people. We had a surprise call from them telling us of a Shipibo Christian couple who are working on helping Bob's brother Paul in the Marubo tribe in Brazil.

They say the Shipibo language is similar to Marubo, and this couple has two older sons married to Marubo girls, living in a town in Brazil close to the border with Peru. Well, we hosted Nestor and Quesaela Mayna here with us for a week, and they were a blessing to our churches. They have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators but they have to raise their own support. We truly pray that the Peruvian churches will support their own missionaries. Our main church here will help them, and we pray more will also do the same. Of course the family connection here is a special incentive for us.

Well, thanks so much again for your faithful prayers and support. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Many May blessings for you all, and thanks, Noel for us.

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