Hi again, to you all!

Well, yes, June is "busting out all over". It is a cold winter here. My toes and fingers are starting to split from the cold dryness, but today it is cold and cloudy, and our mountains have new snow. Some of our believers work in high mines and they say it is snowing up there where they work, so it is cold all over.

Regional elections are scheduled for later this year, so all the current governors, etc. are all of a sudden working on special projects to impress people. However the impression during all this work is not so good. Many of the streets, including ours, are all torn up and blocked off. So the horrible traffic has to find alternate routes. Very congested, noisy, everyone honking trying to get wherever they are going first, etc.

Our street has been torn up and blocked off for 2 and a half weeks now. They have changed the sewer and water pipes underground, thus causing some days of water cuts, and every day with lots of dust and noise, etc. We are nice to them and let them keep their wheelbarrows and equipment in front of the church nights, but we all hope they will finish soon. Such is life in a 3rd world country.

Bob had a good trip to Yanaquihua and Charco, as well as the Ocoña valley last month. He was able to encourage the believers, and baptize some new ones. Charco and Yanaquihua are in the mountains. Please help us pray for our believers in all the areas Bob has worked, mountains, valleys, coast, etc. And for leaders to be raised up to keep the work going, and yes, outreach to new areas. Sadly we have had some problems with our leaders. The other elder here in the main church is a precious - really precious faithful believer.

But recently his wife is not cooperating at all with him. She just hardly ever comes to meetings and refuses to give up her business on the other side of town. Now that they have their own home and a baby son besides their two teen daughters, we agree that she should let her brother do the store where they used to live and she work more from her home. Please help us pray for this. The older teen girl is rebellious too, partly cause of this, and it is hard for the family. We really need Fortunato here. Another of the leaders Bob has been preparing also has problems with his wife. Seems as soon as we see God working and raising up leaders, the enemy causes problems.

On a happier, truly thankful note, my neck pain is basically gone. Really this is a blessing. I still have some of it and am continuing with the chiropractor, which helps, but we are thankful it is not an excruciating pain anymore. Thanks for praying!

One of the children originally from the children's home we helped is now 23 and is dying of TBC. This is sad. He had gone to Mollendo to work and has two children who are with their mother there. Abraham seems truly repentant of the life he was leading before and has prayed for peace with the Lord. He seems to believe fully on the Lord and His saving work, so help us pray for Abraham. His times are in the Lord's hands. One of his lungs is totally collapsed and the other is filling up with TB. He has to be permanently on oxygen, but even so every breath is labored - he is really thin and can hardly eat. Talking is also very difficult for him. I can understand how they used to call this disease "consumption". Seems like that is what is happening with Abraham. Thanks for praying, especially for his soul.

The other project on my heart that this children's home is undertaking is finishing the building of a wing on one of their properties for children with leukemia, or other terminal diseases. There are children in hospitals here with this who are basically abandoned. Some have parents who are working in the mountains or elsewhere and cannot be with the children, and others just plain don't have anyone. The hospitals have asked the directors of the home to help them. I think the building is almost finished but they have to get all the required licenses from the health dept, the civil defense, (safety regulations), etc.

Paper work is tedious for anything one tries to do to help others, but it is necessary. We have been through this for years for our Christian school. Being downtown the officials are even more strict. God is blessing the school this year. We have mostly very dedicated Christian teachers and a good spirit. The ministry of education however is really trying to push their curriculum which is anti God in all the schools. God is helping us teach the right way anyway, but we have to report and sometimes they will come "observe" etc. Thanks for praying for the school, for the Lord's values to prevail in our teaching and example.

Thank you so very much for praying, sharing, and standing with us in God's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú)

Thanks, and have a wonderful summer! Blessings, Noél for us

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