Hi to you dear friends,

Yes, our winter is now, and it is a cold one. At least one of the nights here the water froze in puddles and though ice melts in the day with the sun, it is cool all day too. In the altitude several have lost their animals, llamas and alpacas, as they cannot find food under the snow. Our snowcap volcanoes have snow still and will probably keep it for a long time even though it is the dry time here. My fingertips are splitting and that is ouchy, but it should be better in a couple months anyway.

Anyway, the Lord is good and we are so thankful to serve Him here. Bob has been to the Majes valley and it seems they are doing somewhat better, and can still meet in the home of the brother who caused some trouble. He seems to have a better attitude after our worker, Teodoro, visited and dealt with him. In Espinar it seems there is still some division among the brothers and we ask prayer for the Lord to bring the right attitudes and love between the brethren. A former worker from up there passed away from lung cancer a couple days ago. Thankfully there was a reconciliation before his passing, with God, his wife and grown children and with Bob too. Thanks for praying for the family of Nicolas Ala. We trust he is with the Lord.

Bob now is in a Quechua community in the alteplano near Juliaca, another high and cold place. Every few months two Quechua communities up there have a united meeting. This encourages the brethren there and helps them grow in the Lord. We are thankful Bob can still go to these high places, though trips are a bit more difficult for him as he too gets older! In a few days I will turn 3/4 of a century, (75) and yes, I am slowing down some, but so glad to be able to continue to serve the Lord here.

I am teaching O.T, to 5th graders and 3rd graders this year. The fifth grade class is really good, and they are really profiting from this, I love it! It is a bit more difficult for the 3rd graders. But there are some that can keep up, and I think all are learning. I have to adjust the material some for the younger ones. Again, we are thankful we still have the opportunity to teach God's Word in the school here. It is becoming more difficult again in many places. And here too the govt. programs in education are beginning to eliminate God and teach tolerance of sinful life styles, disobedience to parents and authorities, etc. We need God's wisdom and guidance, thanks so much for praying!

Peru had the opportunity this year to participate in the world cup soccer tournament in Russia. Well, they got eliminated but they did win one game. However, all the hype and build up before the world cup really had an effect here. In one way, good, uniting the country that is so filled with corruption. But honestly it seems they made idolatry over these soccer stars, the whole event, etc. Wouldn't it be great if the country could unite and praise our Lord instead of these very passing sports idols?

Thank you dear ones again for praying for us and sharing with us in God's work here in south Peru. Visit our website, done by our son, Joe, and now has a link to the Spanish website too. It is: bobandnoelrich.com The Spanish site is: decristo.pe Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ 07762.0013 with a note: for Bob Rich Perú.

Many blessings for you all, hope you have a great summer up there! Thanks, Noél for us

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