Hi you all! And hope you had a happy 4th of July, you Americans! Truly July is flying by! Another indication of that is that I turned 76 on 7/6! Well, I feel older, ha!

Partly because I got to go with Bob Fri. afternoon to a leaders meeting they had up in the Colca canyon, town of Madrigal. It was about 4-5 hours in the car and then we did find something to eat and a place to sleep - even though very very cold. Nights registered 0 celcius - freezing.

The room we stayed in had no heat but Bob put the two sleeping bags together and we wrapped up together in the twin size bed. It worked - nose still kind of cold, but I couldn't cover it all the way as the altitude makes it a bit harder to breathe. Anyway, we pray the meetings, (all day Saturday) were profitable, especially for the leaders of the churches to be encouraged and keep their churches growing and in sound doctrine.

Bob had some profitable trips last month too, to the towns of Salamanca andChichas, (they grow delicious avocados), and then later to Pampacolca, above the Majes valley. Pampacolca was the most encouraging trip, because that church only had old, (OLD) believers for so long, not growing. But as soon as Bob got home from Chichas a sister from Pampacolca called that there were some younger people wanting to be baptized. (Actually most were her granddaughters and spouses).

Anyway, these folks are not really "young", but in their 40's (average), certainly younger than the existing little group of believers. Bob was able to baptize only 3, but another couple is very interested and another family of believers have moved there from Culypampa and they can be a help too to encourage and lift up the church there. Thanks so much for praying for these churches.

Thanks for praying for all the opportunities here to tell forth God's message, we are thankful for the liberty so far to do this, and thankful for the liberty in the school to do it too. We see the trends, laws the govt. wants to enforce here that are totally anti-God and we know the time is coming when this liberty may not be available any more. So it is truly important to keep going for the Lord. Thanks for praying for us and God's work here.

We are truly thankful for the health God has given us. On the way home from Pampacolca and later here at home while mentoring a young pastor, missionary candidate, Bob had a bit of a warning sign, anyway, to make it short we have been to dr. and Bob has had many tests and he is ok, though his blood pressure had shot up too much. He is now on more meds and must watch his diet and really "deflate the ball" he had grown around his middle! Actually he is fine now, no more warning signs, and meds are working, and he is really disciplined - so much less salt and suger, off cokes, (sad), etc. Thanks for praying for our health too!

Truly we are grateful for you all and thank you. Hope you have a wonderful rest of summer!

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Thanks so much, many blessings, Noél for us

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