Hi to you dear ones.

Yes, November is a month to remember to give thanks - which we should do always, but as Thanksgiving comes closer we are especially thankful for God's goodness and amazing love for us. Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving season.

Last month we had the privilege of again attending a missionary retreat up north in the lovely city of Trujillo. It was a good time of refreshing and fellowshipping with colleagues from different areas of ministry and of Perú. Then to start out November, here we have had a weekend of special meetings for several of our churches in and around Arequipa, with a visiting brother from Lambayeque, also in the north of Perú. These meetings have encouraged our brothers and we also enjoyed seeing some we have not seen in years, and are glad they and their families are going on for the Lord.

The high schoolers from our Christian school, Ebenezer, had their retreat in a nearby center - seems they did enjoy it and we pray the messages they heard will truly bring a commitment in their lives for Christ. Thanks for praying for the school, in its final bimester - school year ends near the end of December. And please pray for continuing freedom to teach God's Word, and the influence this is having on our students, teachers, and families. Please help us pray for dedicated Christian teachers for next year.

This morning we had a baptism here in our main Arequipa church. A very needy, suffering family truly desires to serve the Lord. The father and mother and teenage daughter received their baptism. The daughter, Patricia, has leukemia. She has had several chemotherapies and months of hospitalization, The only hope for her now is a bone marrow transplant which has to be done in Lima. Her Dad is the donor, but they have to wait for the space for it. If it does not happen soon, she will have to have more chemotherapy. She is jaundiced, but stable at the moment, and she came truly desiring to give her life to the Lord.

The only other daughter in this family, Vanesa, is already at least 20 and she has severe downs syndrome. She also has developed leukemia and also has had initial chemotherapy, but is not able to take much of this. She is hospitalized and truly not expected to live long. They give her blood but it only lasts a day or two, then the hemoglobin goes way down and she suffers. The mother practically has to live in the hospital with her, and Patricia has to be in an uncle's home and they cannot be together as defenses are so low. The Dad works in Ilo, a town on the coast south of here and only comes for a day and a half each week, to see his girls and his wife - well, today, another uncle cared for Vanesa in the hospital so Mom and Dad and sister Patricia could come and be baptized. Please help us pray for this family, Pedro and Maria Elena Arapa and daughters Vanesa and Patricia. Please help us pray for Patricia especially. We are thankful for her Spiritual salvation, but do pray for her physical salvation as well. Then for the Lord's timing for Vanesa.

We are thankful for the youth here in our main church, they are going on outreaches to teach children, witness to their families and others, and help where they can. We pray all of them will continue faithful to the Lord. Also some more are asking for baptism soon. Thanks so much for helping us pray. Thanks to all who share with us as God leads. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru

Many Thanksgiving blessings for you all, Noél for us

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