Hi y'all!

Well, as you know, we ended last month and are starting this one on a rather sad note! Sure different! Before all this pandemic broke out, Bob was able to have a good trip to Tuti, in the Colca canyon, for meetings with church leaders and other believers, but right after he got home the govt. put us all into "quarantine" (somewhat like house arrest). Not really, we do have freedom for one person at a time to go shop for needed food and health items.

Pharmacies and some major food markets are open, and there is all we need in those items. However, all businesses, restaurants, offices, post office, other stores, etc. are closed. We had just started school, had 2 weeks and I was truly being blessed by teaching the first 4 lessons of my O.T. course and one class of 3rd grade Bible, and 3 classes of 2nd grade English, when whack! Everything shut down. We are not allowed to take the car out, only official vehicles with permit are allowed out.

Several folks were stuck, couldn't get home, cause no travel is permitted, no plane travel, no bus travel even within the country. No mail service, no visiting, we must wear masks whenever we step outside the door and again, we are not supposed to go out, but one person per family is allowed to go shopping. Curfew is from 6 p.m. till 5 a.m. - NO being out during those hours.

The school teachers are sending classes, homework, even evaluations by computer, kids can get these on their cell phones. Some of our teachers are doing live classes online, so the kids can see them and interact with them, etc. We are very thankful for our dedicated teachers, but many of the parents cannot at all pay the fees during these months because they cannot work, no pay. So it is extremely difficult for the teachers too as they receive their pay from the school fee fund.

We are truly thankful for those of you who sponsor students here by sending funds for their fees. (And praying for them too) Unfortunately I personally do not have the equipment nor do I know how to do the classes online, but hopefully we will be able to start real classes with the presence of students early May, we need to pray for that.

We think the classes will be limited in size, so that one group of students will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday and another group Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (yes, we need Saturdays to recuperate days lost.) Well, till no more cases of the COVID-19 show up here we will remain on quarantine. God is helping us through it, but many of our people are suffering, cannot work, and don't have enough to buy enough, etc. We thank the Lord the last few months our church offerings here were abundant and we have funds to help some of the most needy ones.

Bob has been able to record some messages in Spanish, Pepe has helped us as he has permission to come help us once a week anyway (we are old people so he can have permission to come care for us some) Anyway, this has been a blessing to our believers and we hear from them by phone - Bob also has been able to counsel some by phone and answer some of their questions, etc. Still, it is hard on the folks who cannot work if this quarantine goes on longer, it started March 16 and will go till at least April 20, but we are almost sure it will continue till the end of the month anyway.

Of course there are some advantages, the largest being that some are truly responding to this, God's call to repent and turn to Him. We sure pray for more of this. Also, the air we breathe here is sooo much cleaner without all the vehicles driving by all day and night right under us. That is a real advantage! We miss most not being able to have church meetings, not being able to visit and have the home Bible studies, Bob not being able to travel to encourage and help believers in the provinces, etc.

So in these ways we are "disabled" but we do need to obey our authorities, and we surely pray for more to repent and turn to God. And we are really saddened by all the deaths from this horrible virus - in Ecuador, the U.S. and Europe especially.

Thanks so much for praying with us for the Lord's continuing work here, He has a purpose in it all. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru)

Thanks so much, many blessings for you all, Noél for us

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