Hi again, and yes, we still are in quarantine here. Very few are allowed to work. Seems like there are more cases of the horrible virus every day and more deaths from it.

But still, the Lord is in control. Supposedly a few restrictions will be removed starting next week, but till at least May 11 is the quarantine, stay home, only one per family allowed out to get necessary food and pharmacy items, and no private cars allowed out. This is really difficult for many of our believers. Many just lived on what they earned day by day, and did not have reserves. School year is cancelled - in that no students nor teachers come to school. But our teachers are working hard putting their classes up on line, several hours each day, for different courses, all virtual, by internet, computer, tv, radio, cell phones, etc.

However several of our students do not have access to these and some will have to lose the school year, some will be registered in public schools where they also do virtual studies but with govt. curriculum, so as not to pay any fees. Parents can not pay fees at least for these first 3 months as they have not worked. Our directors are lowering the fees but this is how the teachers are paid so there has to be some charge. Marino and Lupe had a virtual meeting with parents and with the teachers, and the good news is that the parents who can are really wanting to cooperate and will pay what they can. And our teachers are doing all they can, even accepting lower pay. So we are thankful for our Christian teachers who really are dedicated to the Lord and to giving the students the best they can. Please do help us pray for this year, that God will be glorified and that we all may learn what He has for us through this. Thank you!

The Lord is bringing good out of evil, and we thank HIM for the continued freedom to spread His Word. Even though Bob can't travel to visit the believers in other areas, he can prepare messages, and Pepe helps us record some singing and Bob's messages and Bible studies. Other brothers here are also participating and our colleague Jeffrey puts them up so our believers can participate with us Sunday mornings and Thursdays. We are thankful that many families are having time to read the Word together, to sing together, to worship God and to be with each other.

Several have said they are closer to God in all this and are growing in faith. Some are seeing their family members desire to know the Lord. Some have called from the mountain areas telling how some isolated Quechua communities can actually meet together, of course they are not many in each place, but also there is no virus in most of these areas. One dear brother who has been dedicating all the time he can to reaching these areas without receiving financial support called this a.m. to say that some new believers want to be baptized. Our church here has helped this brother, Zenon, when he comes to Arequipa, and we are thankful for his dedication to keep on, working a few days in farms where he can, then going out to spread the Gospel. God is at work even though Bob cannot travel at this time. Bob sure wants to travel and visit the brothers in these places, to encourage and help them. We sure miss being able to visit the believers in their homes here too, and our home Bible studies.

One of our first national workers has been faithful visiting the believers in several areas even though his wife was not walking with the Lord for years. In 2017 she came back and began going to church again and attending her home. The other day she called us and really showed a totally repentant heart, something we have prayed for for years. God has really worked restoring that home and this dear sister. Please help us pray for Teodoro and Olinda and their daughter, her husband and two daughters to continue serving the Lord as He wants. Truly the Lord is bringing good out of evil. Thanks so very much for your prayers for His work here. God's church marches on!

Our support address is:
Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P:O Box 13, Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013

Thanks so very much, keep looking up, our redemption is nearer! Blessings, Noél for us

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