Hi again, dear ones, and yes, August is just the same as to our quarantine here, now announced for until Sept. 7 (at leastl). BUT, there are some changes for which we truly thank God. We have permission to take the car to different parts of Arequipa to take and distribute foodstuff. So Bob and I buy fruit and divide it up into 4 or 5 or more bags and take it to many of our needy brethren during this time. This started early in July with Pepe helping us get the online permission and then helping the youth take several bags of potatoes and dry goods to the families they had been working with in the Belaunde district of Yarabamba. They had been teaching the children and witnessing to their families on Sunday afternoons for a long while before the quarantine/virus arrived here.

So we enjoyed accompanying them for that and it was really appreciated by these families in that isolated district. But then we kept on renewing our permissions so we have visited over 25 of the needy families and singles from our churches here in Arequipa. Many of them live a bit far out so we could not walk to them before especially carrying bags of fruit, so we are so very thankful we can help them and encourage them to remain faithful even though we cannot have official church meetings here yet. We also continue to give economic help where needed among these precious ones. Truly we are thankful to the Lord for this opportunity and these believers are encouraged and thankful as well. Of course we wear masks and keep social distancing. Needed here.

We also continue recording Bob's messages and some songs twice a week on facebook: De Cristo. Of course all in Spanish and aimed mostly for the believers here from our different churches in the area, but it goes all around, to the mountain, valley and coastal regions too. May God continue to bless and use this ministry to bring souls closer to HIM: Thanks so much for praying.

In especially one of our mountain areas, Espinar, and on up into another area, the believers are seeing several come to faith in Jesus Christ. They do not have much of the virus out in the communities, out above the capital of Espinar, so they have been able to baptize several new believers. Please help us pray for these new ones, that they may grow deeper in God's Word. They desire Quechua Bibles up there but recently these are not available. Also we have ordered other literature from Huaral, near Lima, but they have not been able to be shipped here yet because of the quarantine. We do pray transport could be opened up some so these things could get here. Also we have had no postal service since early March. So, please please do NOT send us anything by "snail mail". Sorry we cannot send you anything either. Just send your prayers up to the Lord, He never goes on quarantine!

Also we are thankful that others of our believers here are able to help other needy ones. Our colleagues Jeff and Angela are going to new areas where there is no church and distributing food and also witnessing for the Lord. They are seeing some real interest and we pray when all this quarantine is over that some new churches will be able to be started in those areas.

The other elder of our main Arequipa church also can visit and help others as he and family sell cleaning supplies so have permission to take them around. So, the Lord is indeed working and we are seeing fruit in lives, many truly do want to repent and follow Christ. Some maybe from fear and there is sadness as well here.

Two of our faithful older believers are now in God's presence in glory due to Covid-19. For sure they will be missed. Dear Benedicto, 88 years old, did not win the battle with the virus here, but he is for sure rewarded in glory. Martin Umayasi, from Espinar, also succumbed to the virus here on earth, but he was a real servant of the Lord, evangelizing up there in Espinar and around. He had been here in Arequipa, and just a couple weeks before had been here with us getting tracts to take back up there to give out. Anyway, the tracts will be taken and given, but not by Martin. He is now in glory also rewarded for sure for his faithfulness.

A couple more of our believers are still fighting the battle, one in hospital with oxygen, but now thankfully stable, and another we don't know how is developing. Please pray for Eluterio and for Enrique Lopez, that they would live here still if it is God's will. Thankfully a few others have truly recovered from the virus and are able to continue serving the Lord here.

Thanks so very much for praying and sharing for the Lord's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru. Thanks so very very much!

Many blessings for you, Noél for us

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