Well, here we are, 2021, Happy New Year. Sometimes we wonder if it will be any happier, but 2020 was not a real fun one. Hope for the future, in God's hands. We surely thank Him for taking care of us and bringing several to faith in Christ and hope for glory with Him.

Bob is getting ready for a trip to the mountains, to a Quechua area near Juliaca. He should leave by 4:30 a.m. with one of our youth who wants to serve the Lord. Bob hopes to be able to disciple Daniel Quispe some and also encourage the believers up there in their special New year's meeting.

It is rainy season, so they for sure will have to go through some mud and we pray the car will work fine. We do not have 4wd on this car which may make a problem, hopefully not. It started out a warm summer but quickly got very cool. Here in the altitude the rains are cold cause the sun is under the clouds. The tops of the 3 volcanos around Arequipa all have snow. They come out for a few minutes of sun in the mornings, then go under darkening clouds. So it was a white Christmas on the tops of our mountains.

We are thankful we can have church services, but there are limits. We can only have 30% of our capacity at one time. and of course alcohol hands and disinfect all surfaces, hands, etc. And wear masks. Well, God is giving us this freedom and we thank Him for it.

Also we have had 2 weddings in the last few weeks. One, Julian and Paola, were married in the Majes valley, outside in a believer's orchard. So there was enough space, but as it is hot down there, there were a lot of bugs, little stinging gnats. Still, it was lovely. We are glad for them. The other wedding was a couple who were already living together and have a couple children. We are glad when these couples obey the Lord and formalize their marriage. Bob preached at both ceremonies and we sang and we think the Lord was glorified. Some family members present were not believers yet, so we pray for them that they may realize their need of Christ.

Bob's book is out! It is good really. We have given several as Christmas presents to our neighbors and other friends and service people we know. The Christian bookstore is promoting it. It tells the Christmas story, clearly presenting Christ the Saviour, so is really adequate for this season. Thank you for praying for all this. And for Bob as he wants to get the second volume out as soon as possible. It may be a while as there are now many interruptions as we have freedom to meet and vehicles are allowed to run. Bob has his Bible studies in the different places and visits and people come here for counsel, Bible buying, etc. We thank the Lord for His care and for those He is working in.

Thanks so very much for praying for us and for God's work here. Thanks for sharing as the Lord leads you. We pray each of you will have a very blessed 2021, serving the Lord. His kingdom will prevail, and our service for Him is not in vain. It will be worth it all when we see Christ.

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Thanks and many blessings, Noél for us

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