Hi dear ones,

Well, February 2, groundhog, be wary. As far as the weather here it has been amazingly nice these days. Rainy season started out a couple weeks ago with downpours, really like the sky was falling, and plaster fell from part of the ceiling of the church meeting place.

A brother from here has painted, re-enforced the whole church roof with Sica so we should not have more problems with water filtrating through, but we still have not fixed that part of the ceiling, we should get that done soon. And it probably will rain more here, our mountains get snow often on the peaks but at least from our "Misti" it melts off in the sun.

God blessed with another baptism here, just one sister, but we are thankful we could do that. We had started meeting again together but just as of Feb. 1, new restrictions are in effect. Churches cannot meet together at least for 2 weeks, we hope it won't be extended very long. Peru is in a second wave of the coronavirus and once again the death toll from this is higher and there are hundreds of new cases detected in Arequipa.

Our region is high risk, so curfew starts at 8 p.m. - goes to 4 a.m. No private vehicles allowed to circulate Saturdays or Sundays. Beaches and other public places are closed. (And I had wanted to go to the beach for our 55th anniversary, and also visit the brethren there in Camana. It didn't happen.) Maybe we can try again in a month.

This second wave crisis also has caused the hospital systems to collapse. There are no more ICU units available and oxygen is scarce. Ambulances are screeching around us again. So far they have not had to close all businesses and markets. Peru's economy really could not take that again. So many businesses have had to close or go out of business, losses are great.

Countries all around Peru are vaccinating against this virus but none of Peru's rotating presidents have been able to get it here yet. A vaccine has been promised for this month. We know there is much controversy over this, We trust God to care for us in all of this and we try to be prudent, and yes, to obey the authorities as much as possible.

This crisis also means that definitely we will need to start school only by virtual, not with students present yet. Hopefully by mid year we may be able to have in person school. I need to learn to teach my OT course by Zoom. Seems it may be possible, but please pray for me in that. It's sure not the same, I was stimulated and blessed by seeing their faces as I taught! And many parents cannot pay the school fees. The directors have lowered the fees but still it is difficult. We also need a few more sponsors for some who honestly cannot pay. We are so very thankful for all those of you who help in this way. Thanks!

Our daughter, Terri, and her husband, Josué, have had Covid-19. Our son, Joseph also had it. Joe and Josué had it worse than Terri, but we are so thankful that they are all recovered now.

Bob travelled again to Chuquibamba. The problem I mentioned before has shown its very ugly head again. Bob should be back Fri. afternoon but really needs your prayer for dealing with this, this week. Thanks!

Bob has not had time to work on the second volume of his book, but we have given out many of the first book to neighbors and other contacts. They have been very thankful, and we hope they do indeed read it as it does present God's Word and Who Jesus really is! (Many say they are reading it.)

January 13 I had the nails and wire removed from my elbow, and yesterday the Dr. came and took the stitches out. Yea! My itches and red spots are better, but still not totally gone, but they will be. God is certainly able to keep me from falling, (both Spiritually and physically.) Thanks for praying this for all of us.

Yes! Thank you so very much for all your praying for us and sharing as God leads you.

Our support address is: Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru)

Thanks truly, God's RICHest blessings for each of you, Noél for us

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