Hi again, and yes, June will have a different tune pretty soon.

Tomorrow is the runoff presidential election here in Perú. This nation needs much prayer, so thanks for praying for this crucial election.

Well, guess I must start with the bad news: Covid-19 is running rampant here, especially in the south of Perú. It is now attacking and killing people out in the more remote areas where it wasn't present before. Some of the places where Bob goes and where we have churches have this killer virus and some of our believers have died from it. Others are recuperating but it is a difficult time.

However at least one case turned into good news. A leader in the Lord's work in Cotahuasi and his wife had covid and were taken in ambulances to the Majes valley for treatment. Upon being released from the hospital there they went to stay with his sister for a while in Iray, a small town near to Chuquibamba, where Bob has been visiting recently. Bob stopped there on his way to Chuquibamba last week to visit and encourage these dear folks, and the brother got his sister and neighbors (mostly family members) to come listen to Bob share the Gospel.

The people in Iray are very interested. Some have already had covid and recovered, others are scared of it, but they listened, bought Bibles, and invited Bob and the brother from here who accompanied him to come back and teach them more of God's Word. It seems this is an open door for the Lord to raise up a church there in the town of Iray. Thanks for praying.

Bob was blessed to see the believers in Chuquibamba going on with the Lord and meeting together in spite of the problem they had there a few months ago. That was dealt with and though it is sad to have had to discipline the main leader there, it appears the church is indeed going well. Please help us pray this will continue and that the Lord will raise up more leaders for His work.

Another sad note is that it appears we won't have school with students present until next year. Please help us pray for us to be able to indeed start normal school in March 2022. Thanks! But the good news is that the students are profiting from their virtual classes and our teachers, mostly Christian this year, are dedicated and doing a great job.

God is providing so some of the parents can pay fees. God has supplied for others who cannot. Thanks so very much for you who are generously helping these needy ones to be able to keep studying with us, and most of all THANKS to the LORD that we have the freedom still to teach HIS Word, HIS values, and HIS way. Please help us pray this will continue.

One of the girls who receive help for fees was baptized here a couple weeks ago. She is the daughter of a faithful believing family here. We thank the Lord for our families. They need prayer too. As we were praying with the school directors last week, they said Father's Day is hard for many of our students because of so many broken homes, absent Dads. Sad.

Thanks to all who pray for us and share with God's work here. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú) Thank you!

We wish all of you Dads a very happy Father's Day. Please lead your children in God's way. Blessings for you all, Noél for us

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