Hi and August blessings for all of you,

Supposedly we should be in Arequipa, we did have a very good 5 weeks in VA, NC, and IN with our children and grandchildren and great granddaughter, family and business taken care of, a great Christian camp with our daughter Terri and family, and the youth of their church. The trip ended on a sad note though, Bob's sister's husband died very early Sunday, July 25. We were with them when Jay passed into eternity. For sure he is with Christ.

Jay Hubbard was a dedicated evangelist. Even when his bone cancer was causing unbearable pain he went out to a park by the lake, gave out tracts and told many of their need to know our Lord. Jay will be missed by his family and friends, and we do ask you to pray for his dear wife, Beverly, and their grown children and grandchildren. Their son Jonathan arrived with his dear family just before we left that Sunday to start our trip back to Peru. Jonathan and Jessica and their 4 little ones are a great comfort and help for Beverly.

We were blessed by being at the wedding of our grandson Ben Rich to lovely Andrea. Both are dedicated to serving the Lord. We truly thank the Lord for our children and grandchildren who are serving the Lord. Our great grandaughter is such a lovely little girl! Eliza Lynn is only one year old but she runs around and is learning to talk! OK, I admit to being so thankful for her and her Mom, Jennifer Lynn, Dad, Timothy Rogers, and of course grandma, our Theresa Lynn. Lovely family!!

We got safely through the travels in the U.S. and back to Lima the 27th of July as programmed. We were in the Lima airport ready to board for Arequipa when... I did it again, hit the bottom step of a flight of stairs going down to get on the plane and cracked my knee cap, actually it was much more than a crack, a split, fracture. Wow, did it hurt. Of course we could not travel, we were taken by ambulance to a very nice clinic and left there, me on a stretcher, Bob in a chair.

After a few hours they kindly gave me a shot for the pain. But they would not call the traumatologist till they figured out the papers for who was going to pay for all this, including my surgery, etc. It was literally 8 hours till they reached an agreement with the airline, (but we from the very first said we would be willing to pay for it - God has given us abundantly). Anyway, finally I got admitted. Of course because of covid restrictions Bob could not accompany me anymore and before my surgery the next day they took another covid test for me, would not have operated if it were positive.

So, thankfully I was still negative and they operated July 29 and put wires and nails in my knee, bandage cast from thigh to lower leg, and medication through IV's. Well, that is a long enough story, I got released Friday July 30 in the afternoon. We are really blessed to be able to stay at the SAM mission home in Lima, a very lovely place. Bob is learning to cook, shop, etc. I am stuck most of the time with my leg up, and pain and swelling are slowly going down. However I have to take meds still and they are strong and hurting my stomach.

I take probiotics too but it will be several days till we get to go to Arequipa. Dr. says hopefully he will take out the stitches on Aug. 11 and then maybe we can return. A dear sister Iiving in Lima helped Bob buy a walker and I honestly hope by mid August to be able to get around better. Please help me pray for a quick recovery, and patience for all of us in this. Bob is being very wonderful but he does have other things to do, so we do pray for God's healing and NO MORE FALLS! Thank you!

Our dear brethren there are really taking care of things and still actively reaching out to the areas around. They baptized a young policeman in our main church in Arequipa. Our colleagues there keep us informed and are doing a great job, God's work is not stopped even when it seems our work is. But He has a reason for us being here. A young relatively new believer who was baptized in Arequipa is now working in Lima and came to see us and pray with us this a.m. Bob was able to answer some questions of his and he was thankful, generous, and even brought us dinner!

A sister working in the house where we are staying (SAM mission home) has had problems with depression due to an accident she suffered some time ago leaving her almost blind. Pray with us that we can encourage and help her while we are here. We also want to look up a couple more of our believers who with their families are now working in the airport here in Lima. These guys need to seek fellowship with other Christians, and their wives need to come to Him. So we want to serve the Lord wherever He has us, all is for some reason.

Thanks so very much for standing with us in prayer and all you have shared with us and the Lord's work and His school there in Arequipa. They are starting the second semester this week, please help us pray and praise God for the freedom to still spread God's Word.

Yes, Peru has a new president, supposedly he is communist, but has promised to respect private property and freedom. So this is another item for prayer. We don't know how it will all work out. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note for Bob Rich, Peru.

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! Many blessings and thanks! Noel for us

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