Hi again to you all,

Well, last month I titled the letter"bone mender" but now the therapists have explained to me what the surgeon in Lima meant: I need to grow a "puente oseo" which means a "bone bridge". The Dr. in Lima did not put the knee bones back together because they were too fragmented, with chips so the nails and wire are a bit far allowing room for the bone bridge to grow. More bone has to grow so it will take a good 6 - 8 months before total healing. But the good news is that I can walk a bit more now. I still cannot go out without Bob or someone to lean on and I still cannot go more than 2 blocks, (hope to do 3 soon). So please pray for healing for me, and for patience. Thanks.

Well, September had a lot going on. We had some weddings, one in Chivay where just Bob went, but one here of a young couple from our youth group. It is spring, and a few more couples want marriage. We have done some counseling, and trust all will be for the Lord's glory.

Sadly, we also saw the death of a dear brother. Augusto Herencia from the Maje valley was blind and was here for years on kidney dialysis. His wife, Libia, cared for him faithfully. They had one son, Lizandro, who was working here as a chef until the pandemic closed all restaurants. Now he is wanting to study more to be able to help his Mom. They buried Augusto in the Majes valley. Julian, his cousin, took care of the funeral there. Do please pray for Libia and Lizandro.

This week is the 18th anniversary of our Christian school, Ebenezer. The thanksgiving service is tomorrow evening, of course all is virtual. Teachers have prepared videos with their testimonies of the how the Lord has helped them this year. Students from the different classes have prepared programs. Bob has a short message, I have a few short words, and school song and other things will be put up. We pray all will be put together for the Lord's glory. We do thank the Lord for the freedom to teach and preach His Word. Please also pray we will be able to have in person school next year starting in March.

Bob has had good trips both to Espinar and now to Piraucho, a ranching town above the Majes valley. He went with Julian and Paola.There used to be a church there but the brothers cooled off and now are really enthusiastic about getting together again. So this is happening and Bob is able to help and encourage them. Julian and Paola went a few weeks ago and they are helping there now too. Thanks for praying for this effort.

Brothers keep coming for Bibles and counseling here, plus Bob prepares and teaches his Bible studies and messages. There are less cases of covid now here in Arequipa, and less deaths from this. We do have a few cases of the variant though, which is scary because the vaccine does not prevent it. So we still have restrictions, but also more freedom. Thank you very much for praying with us - our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762 - 0013 (with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú)

Many blessings for you all, Love, Noél for us

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