Hi again, and yes: No, never do I want to fall again!

Truly though, we hope you enjoyed your Fall and its results: the beautiful colored leaves. I did not enjoy my fall July 28 nor its results: fracture and complications, etc. However, God is good, He permits some things we don't want and He shows us His power and heals us. Healing is sometimes slow but for sure God is doing it and we are thankful. And we are very thankful for your prayers. November brings Thanksgiving and we give thanks in all things, as God tells us to. We hope you will have a very blessed Thanksgiving and remember the Lord's goodness.

October went fast and November is going that way too. Bob had some profitable trips. There are still problems in Chuquibamba - a different case now, but the church there is going on and holding on. Bob went again and encouraged them. They still need prayer. Thanks.

This morning Bob and a couple other brothers from here went up to Juliaca to inaugurate a new meeting place there. We have churches in a couple of the Quechua communities outside Juliaca and they have combined meetings once a month. Bob goes several times for that, and I have been some times too. Now several of the brothers from there live in the city of Juliaca, so they now have a meeting place in the city. We pray they can reach some neighbors too.

This past week we had a baptism here, the mother of one of our youth. Her parents and uncles are believers from the mountains but she was a singer in this world's entertainment, not Christian. God got a hold of her and she left that off and has been following the Lord for a while. She now sings for Him. Marisol is a blessing and has a meeting in her house Sunday afternoons for several family and friends who live close up there.

Next week, Lord willing, another new sister here will be baptized. Olga works at the club where I was swimming before the pandemic. She recognized me once there and said she was a little girl when Bob and I went to her family's ranch way up in the mountains (Culypampa) where her cousins lived. She was from a small ranch village beyond there. Anyway, Olga came to meetings before the lockdown and now is coming again and is firm in her faith and desire to identify with Christ. Her cousin's son is now our missionary to the Asheninka tribe in the jungle of Perú. Truly God draws folks to Himself and opens the way for them.

As for the school, we are finishing the year by virtual but hope to have in person school next year starting in March. I get to give two more devotionals for the primary school this year and hope indeed to teach O.T. next year to a couple of primary grades. We are thankful for the freedom to teach God's Word and we pray this will continue. Covid here is greatly reduced, many now have been vaccinated and the death toll is way down, new cases also are down significantly. We pray we will not have this "third wave" that some places are having. There are still restrictions, still 2 masks required, that is a pain.

Thanks so much for praying for us, and sharing as God leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru

Many Thanksgiving blessings for each of you, Noél for us

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