HI again and here we are again, racing through January 2022!

Well, December was a busy month, but we were blessed to be able to share the true meaning of Christmas with many during the distributions we mentioned in the last letter and through witnessing and helping many of the believers here. We had a couple baptisms and are thankful for the outreaches many are doing in different areas around Arequipa. There is some opposition but many are listening, and we have new comers in church here.

Bob had a good trip to Sibayo, above the Colca canyon, for some teaching sessions for believers there and from the canyon churches. Now he is traveling to Callalli, across the river from Sibayo, for a youth conference. The leaders of the churches up there are concerned that in the mountain towns there are very few young folks. Most of them come down to the city here for university or academies after they finish high school, and some even come down before they finish school.

It is probably true that the education here is better than in the mountains, but there is a lot of bad being taught among the good, especially these last two years of everything being virtual. Many mountain areas don't have internet, and the ones that do have it don't have the filters to keep the bad stuff out. Anyway, many of our youth are going up for this youth congress in Callalli. The ones that went up last evening had snow all the way. It is summer but it is rainy season so in the mountains it is snow.

Bob went up this aft. with a couple more youth and more are going up separately to help set up for the Saturday and Sunday meetings. Bob is to teach on friendship, courtship and marriage. So many of the youth here start out wrong, fornication before marriage, etc. And many of these marriages don't last. So we pray God will help him and our co worker Jeff in the teaching sessions. It is good for the youth from here to hear this too. We thank the Lord that most of our kids here are being careful and wanting to do the Lord's will in this area.

So this weekend we ask for prayer especially for the youth up there and as they come back to put into practice what was taught. Bob spent a lot of time preparing for these sessions and he spends time preparing for his other messages and teaching as well. He is teaching Romans on Monday evenings here in church, and it also gets put up on Facebook, De Cristo.

Our brother Julian, with his dear young wife Paola, were here with us for 7 days. They are expecting their first baby in April. Guess they are all fine so far. We spent some time with them recording the choruses in our hymnbook here, but we still have a long way to go on that project. Julian left his best harp here, but he can't come too often, and probably won't come now till after their baby is born.

They are seeing some fruit in the Majes valley where they live but the folks there are pretty hard - again there are some of the youth who are more open and they are seeing a couple new Bible study groups open up. Julian has to work in the farms as his welding business is not advancing in the valley, but he has opportunities to witness in the farm work and has seen some interest.

A lot more could and should be said but a lot more has to be done too. Time doesn't really fly but it sure goes fast and I usually can't keep up with it.

Some of you have asked about my fractured knee cap. It is getting better but the dr. had said it won't be totally well till at least 6 months after the surgery. It has been over 5 months but there are three weeks to go before the 6 month mark. I am done with the magnet therapy but I have to do exercises at home, mostly leg stretches and smashes and pulls. (literally: they are "pulling my leg"). I can do most things at home. I walk a lot and can go up and down stairs, etc. Thanks for asking, and mostly for praying. I am terrified of falling, but God can "keep us from falling" both Spiritually and physically.

Again, thank you so very much for praying for us and for sharing as the Lord leads you. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

We wish you many blessings for all of 2022 and on, Sincerely in Christ and His service, Noél for us

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