Hi again, and welcome to a winter like summer! Feb. 2, groundhog day. Supposedly if he sees his shadow, it means one thing and if he doesn't see his shadow it goes the other way. I can never remember which way was the shadow, my mother was very hep on all these little details. Anyway, the groundhog would be very confused in our Andean "summer" weather.

Yes, the days are long, and when the sun shines it is bright and warm. It is rainy season and when it rains it mostly is foggy, freezy, very cold. Arequipa usually has sun, too much of it for my skin, but just these 2-3 months are totally different. OK, my journalist grandson says never to start a letter with the weather, but - it is Groundhog day, exceptions and attempts on explanations are ok just this once. (I hope.)

Bob has been again up to Chuquibamba where there still are problems, but some good news in that a couple almost teen girls and a new believer guy want to receive their baptism. The former leader who had caused the huge problem still does not repent, but at least he said he would cooperate by removing his things from the part of the church property he had taken. We pray other men would be raised up there to lead the church, there is now a real lack of men with the gift of leadership.

However we are thankful that some of the believers from here in Arequipa are helping take responsibility in also visiting, traveling to some of the places, helping and encouraging these dear ones. Bob does keep busy preparing, teaching, counselling, visiting and helping the believers in many churches and families here. The youth from here are also seeing fruit from their outreach labors in different areas, with children and their folks sometimes too. And our colleagues, Jeff and Angela, are seeing a group start to meet formally this coming Sunday out in Uchumayo where they have some fields of Aloe Vera and other things. They are getting a small house built out there and hope to see a church raised up there. They have baptized a few and we hope there will be more soon.

Along with good news, there is a sad side. The third wave of covid-19 is hitting hard here in Arequipa. Most of the cases are from the variant Omicron, and most of the folks are getting over it, usually it is not worse than a bad flu. However, we right now have one dear believer fighting for life in hospital, in ICU, on maximum oxygen, but with over 80% of his lungs filled with virus, covid viral pneumonia.

He had just had a round of chemotherapy for a cancer he has, so he could not get any of the vaccinations. Miguel is young and really in spite of these conditions he was doing well till this Covid hit him. He has a lovely wife and 2 small children. We are praying fervently for his recovery - only God can do this. Also on a sad note: a 15 year old was killed while riding his bike on the road when a front loader tractor ran over him. Somehow the driver of the front loader did not see him. The boy's grandparents and uncle and aunt are faithful believers with us in our churches here. Our comfort has come in that the boy, Alvaro, was the only one of his immediate family who had trusted Christ and was faithful in church. We pray for his parents, that they would see their need of trusting Christ. His Mom is the daughter of the grandparents here but has not made Christ her personal Saviour. Please help us pray for these needy ones, and others who need to come to the Lord.

Also I want to mention the school. Please help us pray we can indeed have in person school starting next month. This is a real need. Also for God's chosen ones for teachers and students here. Thank you so very much for praying for us, and for sharing as God leads, for His work in hearts here.

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May you enjoy God's richest blessings, this month, this year, and on, in Christ, Noel for us

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