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Well, maybe it is not busting out all over, but June is busting out! Both May and June are special months for the Roman Catholics and they sure do shoot a lot of firecrackers. All over our neighborhood anyway. We are the "rose among thorns". A cloistered nun's convent is by the back side of our church and apt. property and a big Catholic boy's school, residence for poor boys, soccer field, and workshops are across the street on the front side. Especially there they shoot lots of really loud firecrackers.

We say their "saints" just love firecrackers but the dead ones have not woken up yet. So they keep trying I guess. Anyway, Bob had a good trip to Espínar with one of our church leaders here and they were able to encourage the believers there. It is winter here and the mountain temperatures are low, it freezes at night. So far we have had nice sun in the day here in Arequipa, and that helps.

This morning Bob preached a really good and necessary message, showing how very definitely the issues of abortion and homosexual "life style" are condemned in Scripture. It is so very true, but many people ignore or do not believe the Scriptures, God's Word. We sadly read about and see how the U.S. is going downhill - becoming a nation without morals, without values, without God. It is happening here too. Yet so far we have the freedom to preach and teach God's Word and we must make the most of this while it lasts. Truly I am blessed in teaching the O.T. to 4th and 5th graders. Some of them know God's Word and say they will be faithful to Him all their lives. Next year I hope to have these classes for the N.T. Thanks for praying for them. We long to be lights for the Lord in a very dark society.

Our son Joe returned from the Ukraine and is working again in Indiana. He does want to go back but he has some projects and jobs he has to do up in the U.S. for a couple of months. One includes helping in the pro-life movement in Tennessee and that will take a month anyway to do. Thanks for helping us pray for him in his desire to serve the Lord in these ways. At least he has been encouraged to hear that some of his friends who had to fight in the Ukraine survived. Still, the war is awful and we pray it will end soon.

Thanks for praying for our Christian school, Ebenezer, as well. There have been some problems with some of the graduating class recently. Kids get all kind of stuff off the internet and they are being led to believe it is really cool to copy some of the very wicked foreign movements (Chinese) which do have Satanic connotations. Too often the parents are not aware of all that goes on between kids getting into this not knowing the consequences it brings.

We are thankful for Christian teachers, some real precious Christian parents, and some of the kids who realized this and got it stopped. But it sure shows up how much the internet is influencing our youth. They had to get on to do homework during the almost 2 years of the pandemic and now many of the kids are almost addicted to seeing all the stuff online. Even little kids are stuck on their cell phones playing video games, and many of them are violent.

Again, thanks for praying for God's work here and thanks for your sharing as God leads you. We pray you Dads will have a very blessed Father's Day, remembering to honor and follow our heavenly Father, setting an example before our children.

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Many blessings and thanks for all of you, Love, Noél for us

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