Hi to you all again,

Well, here nothing is running over but it sure was doing that in FL with that horrible hurricane Ian. Bob's sister had her whole downstairs flooded and she lost a lot of things, furniture, piano, computer, books, etc. It was so much worse in other parts of FL too.

Here we have earthquakes and did have a few shakes last month, but not real serious. Last month I mentioned the couples being formed in our youth group here. Cupid was working overtime, but guess he decided to cool it a bit, which is good really. These young people are doing well for the most part but we ask you to help us pray for purity in these relationships. Bob spoke to the youth on temptation last night (Saturday). There are indeed temptations and not only in the youth. We desire firmly to honor the Lord in all our relationships. Good news is that 3 new believers were baptized, 2 young girls and an older man whose wife and son are believers already.

A sad note is that we had another funeral, this time of a dear brother who dedicated most of his life to the work of the Lord. Ubaldo preached mostly up in the Colca canyon. He had worked with Bob Riggenbach founding most of the churches up there. He is with the Lord and will have his reward. It is worth living for Christ.

There are some who are seriously ill and hospitalized, an elderly brother with kidney failure, on dialysis, and perhaps the most difficult, a 15 year old youth who ran into a big ditch on his motorcycle and his pancreas perforated. Please do help us pray for the miracle of healing - closing the wound. Ribert is in the hospital and is all tubed up, but God is working and it seems the wound is closing some. It is still very serious, but the Lord is our Maker, and our Healer. Ribert's parents had not been walking with the Lord recently. They are wanting to reconcile with God, and we pray it will last, even after Ribert heals.

Bob had a good trip to Chuquibamba and the Majes Valley and it seems some of the problems will be solved soon. There still is a lack and a need for men leaders there. This is an ongoing need in many places. Thanks for praying!

Well, school has a week off now, after the program for their anniversary tomorrow. We are so thankful for the freedom to still be able to teach God's Word and His values. Today is municipal elections, mayors and regional governors. Here too there are many who want to force gender equality into the curriculum and many who want abortion to be legal. We pray for leaders who support the family and have God's values. Seems like society everywhere is going downhill and leaving off these values. It shows in the conduct of even the youngest children who have not been disciplined from very young. So, again, we thank God for the Christian school and freedom so far.

Thanks so very much for faithfully praying for the Lord's work here. Hope you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors - I do miss them.

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Many thanks and blessings for each of you, Noel for us

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