Hi to you all,

Yes, we have a lot to give thanks for, even through hard times. We were saddened to hear the brother we came to Perú with in early 1967 passed into Glory, we are surely very thankful for his life and service for the Lord. We pray much these days for his dear widow, Marta, and their grown children and grandchildren. Peter Hocking led Bob and others on summer mission trips to Perú in 1964 and 1965. I came on that last one too. We are here largely due to these visits and Pete's vision. We are thankful Pete is now with Christ. For sure he will have a large reward.

Bob had some good trips in October, to the Colca canyon churches, to the farming area around Pedregal, and then to Culypampa, a very high ranch where we have a growing church. Our missionary to the Asheninka tribe is from there and his parents and siblings are there taking care of their many llamas and alpacas.

Joel and Esther are here for a visit to family and friends from here - so grandmas can see their 2 little grandsons and just for a short 2 months break from their very fruitful jungle ministries. Esther is from Chuquibamba so both have gone through change from high, cold areas to hot rainy jungle. God is working in many of this tribe's communities and we rejoice with the new believers and growing disciples among this ethnic people groups. Our churches here in Arequipa support them. We pray to see more Peruvian missionaries reaching Peruvians.

We have had other visitors in our guest apt. too, our dear harpist, Julian and his wife Paola and their precious little seven month old Samuel for a couple of weeks. Please help us pray that now that the pandemic is basically over and tourism is increasing again, Julian can get his job back in the hotel he was in before, or another hotel.

The hotel where he was working has a different manager who does not know Julian. But the ex manager is now with another hotel and called Julian to come and play the harp for an event in connection with the mining convention here in Arequipa in September. This manager said he would call Julian for events, but cannot yet hire him constantly. So Julian is working in the fields of the Majes valley where Paola is from but it is not sufficient.

Julian and Paola are very active in God's work in that valley, but outside of the family members of each of them they are not finding many open hearts. Julian had many opportunities to testify for Christ as he played the harp for the hotel's buffet breakfasts. And of course we really miss them and the harp for our churches here. Tourism was a big industry for Perú and we need to see it restored.

Thanks for praying for the school, just one and a half months left in this school year. The local govt. offices for education here keep piling up paperwork and other really unnecessary stuff for our poor directors. It is very difficult and confusing, way too much bureaucracy. (burro crazy). But it is worth it to keep the freedom to teach God's Word. My 4th and 5th graders are precious, they say they will stay faithful to Christ even when they grow up, I surely pray they will, and each one will come to know Christ.

Well, on the family end, our third GREAT grandchild was born Oct. 31. (Reformation day!) Plus of course the famed "Halloween" Jessica Sanders, (our Marky's second daughter) gave birth to Jaime Marcus Kent Sanders - and she and Andrew are very happy thankful parents. Guess great grands make you feel older, but really we are very very thankful for these precious treasures and that our children and grandchildren are walking with Christ. Sure, great grandma (GGma) here misses them but some day we sure hope we can see them all.

Thanks so much for your prayers for God's work here. Really He is at work. Our youth here continue on their very active outreach ministries. Many blessings, have a very meaningful THANKSgiving. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc,
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Perú

Thanks so much!

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