Well, finally! Hi to you all,

Sorry this is so late. February is a short month and for us it has been very full so far. There was a break in the political marches and protests and road and highway blockage for a couple of weeks. But it seems the protests and marches have begun again. Roads are blocked in different parts of the city and to many areas outside the city so travel is hindered.

Our youth plan a campout down by the beach a few hours drive down from here so we pray they can indeed get through and have a very profitable time. There is a new church group forming down there, near Camana, and the youth will minister to them Sunday and their church folk will provide them dinner. The other believers who meet in a different part of town plan to give them breakfast, so they should be well cared for. And the youth from here want to minister to both these groups. We were down there a couple times, once in January and later Feb. 1 and this little group seems really desirous to please the Lord - they have a meeting place in the home of a family of believers there. These are the only trips we have been able to make this last month because of the protests and road blockage and because of the heavy rains now in the mountains here.

Yes, there was flash flooding just last night in a lot of areas in Arequipa, including the oldest hospital in Arequipa, (111 years old). This hospital is close to us and truly was flooded. No one was seriously injured but a lot of patients and health workers will have to relocate for a while. Parts of the school and other places in Arequipa are still without electricity because of this downpour. We are high and dry but there was a lot of damage done to many buildings. It is raining a lot here, out of the ordinary even for February! Huge landslides caused much damage and some deaths near the coastal city of Camana, up in a mining camp: Secocha, and Misky (above Secocha).

Bob is teaching the Word, in the books of Samuel, in 2 Samuel now. Many come to Bob for counsel and Spiritual help, we are so glad to still be here and be able to help many. Thanks so much for your prayers and sharing with the Lord's work here.

Bob is praying much and considering much these days about finally recognizing elders in our largest local assembly here. For years we have been praying for the Lord to raise up leaders for His work, His church here, and it seems the Lord is answering. It may be a while, at least a few months, before they are recognized as elders but they are willing and preparing, and we are thankful and want to be very careful to just follow the Lord's leading.

We are truly thankful for the several couples among our youth who are preparing for marriage this year. They have a wonderful attitude and will be our future leaders, Lord willing. "Our" Pepe got married January 9 to lovely, precious Sara, they are living in our guest apt. till they get something more permanent, and it truly is a blessing to have them here, they are so very helpful.

Yesterday was Bob's birthday, number 78. The youth had prepared a really wonderful video of parts of Bob's life and our early days here in Perú. Also with greetings and best wishes from our children, grandchildren and photos of most of our great grandchildren! They showed it after prayer meeting to all present. What a blessing, it really made Bob's birthday special. I am still 79 for a few more months but we are getting older. God knows our future, we don't, but are very thankful to see Him work.

The school is on vacation till early March, they finished their summer program. Please help us pray for the 2 still needed teachers, for 1st and 4th grades. The ones last year for those classes are getting contracts with the govt. with a much higher wage. The economic condition of most folks here is very difficult, many cannot pay fees. We are thankful for those of you who help these needy students and families.

Thanks so much for praying for us, we pray for you each day. Thanks for sharing as the Lord leads you. We pray God's richest blessings for each of you. And our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762-0013 with a note: for Bob Rich, Peru.

Thanks so much, many Blessings for each of you, Noel for us.

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