Yes, March is marching along. So much to do, the later days of February were really busy. We went to Camaná again, to help the new believers there and also to wave to the ocean briefly. It waves back. Anyway, we thank the Lord that a brother from near there who was a pastor for some years now is living close and he is helping this little group, they are growing.

We still are praying much for elders to be named in the main church here in Arequipa. Thanks so much for praying with us for that. Our youth are still very active, visiting and helping, taking responsibility in God's work. They are our future leaders. Several of them will be married in the coming months. One couple scheduled for April 1 already. They are a real sweet couple desiring to serve the Lord together in many areas.

Mauricio is the grandson of one of the very first believers in Mollendo, 54 years ago. His fiancé, Rosa, is concerned for her family who are not believers. But Rosa is a real treasure and a very willing helper in many areas. She shares Christ with the children in Sunday school, and in one of the outreaches the youth have Sunday afternoons in a district of Yarabamba, about an hour away. Mauricio preaches well and truly loves the Lord. He wants to see this generation following Chist.

School starts Monday, March 6. Thanks for praying and helping with Ebenezer Christian school, we are still free to teach God's Word. Lord willing I will teach the NT to 5th and 6th graders. They had the OT last year while they were in 4th and 5th. Truly we are very thankful for all who have helped and are helping some of the poorer students whose parents do not have enough to pay fees.

The Covid pandemia and now the political unrest, protests, marches, etc have really hurt Peru's economy. Many of our student's parents just live from hand to mouth, what little work they can find, or sales, which has really gone down.

Our weather goes to extremes. Last month I mentioned the harm done by flash flooding and heavy rains and now this month we are in a drought again. Our water reserves only have a little over half of the necessary for our population.

Bob is in the U.S. with our daughter, Terri, and her husband, Josué, this month for testing and treatment. The last gammagram showed that his prostate cancer had gotten into some of his bones. Bob does not have any pain, and he feels great. We do really want to remain in Perú and in the Lord's work here as long as we can, but we are willing for wherever God leads.

Lord willing I should have some stitches removed (by laser) next Friday, March 10, from the last eye op. I had Feb. 3. Dr. says it is healing well, but the vision in that eye is still not restored as much as it should be and the eye is swollen, does not open all the way. Well, thanks for praying for these health issues, we are very thankful we really do feel well. So many people come to Bob for counseling and help. He is a real good Bible teacher and God's Word is working in many hearts here. Thanks so much for praying for us and sharing as God leads.

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Thanks so much, Noél for us

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