Hi again, dear ones,

Yes, it is June already! And here it is really cold! Bob and I returned last Monday night from 4 days in the mountains. We went to a high place about 12 hours drive from here, to Cayarani, where Nicolas Ala has worked and had 10 people ready to be baptized. Some of the elders from the other churches somewhat near there helped in the baptism, as it was all Quechua. These ladies and little children do not know Spanish. Nicolas has poor health. Please pray for him. He worked in a mine in his youth and probably does have silicosis in his lungs. He was recuperating from pneumonia but he did get up there and really does well in explaining the Gospel and the meaning of baptism, etc. all in Quechua. Nico. has rented a room in Cayarani and hopes to spend some weeks at a time there in discipling the new believers. They are truly precious. I had a children's class and - true, the little children don't yet know Spanish, but the school age kids do. I was questioning the wisdom of baptizing one little guy, (maybe 8 yrs. old?) But when he came to the children's class and answered all the questions right and even was enthusiastically telling me the Bible stories and reading them so well, I stood corrected. Please pray for little Gervacio. His parents live out where we had the baptism and meeting, and they were baptized too, and very glad for their new faith. So, help us pray for all the new believers there and Nico's work and health in general. Thanks! To get there, we went through Velille, the town where the folks who had their baby here in our house live and work. It was great to see them again! And the youth who are volunteer-helping them these months! (Thanks to you dear Wenger's and helpers especially!)

Before this last trip, we had a wedding in our main church here, and it was really good, I think a testimony to many. Frank and Cesia are doing well in their newly married life. We are very thankful for them. We pray for our growing youth group too, that all will remain faithful to God. "Our" now grown Pepe (whom I rescued from a Catholic orphanage when he was 5, and who was adopted by a lovely Christian family in our church) is proving to be a really good preacher. He loves the Lord and serves Him thankfully.

God has blessed the radio work, but there are problems. Alvaro lost some of the publicity he was hoping for as one group wanted him to put on the Ave Marias and Rosary every day with their publicity. He said No. So much for that. There are some new contacts from the radio though, proving that it is reaching the large agricultural areas near here. One lady called Chuquibamba, (radio), asking for materials for teaching in her little Christian school in one of these areas. So Bob took me down there and I gave her materials! She called to thank us and gave us some contacts to visit here in the city. So we did. Alvaro has called Bob on more contacts down in the farms around Pedregal, too, and Bob does want to get down there to visit them. Thanks so very much for praying and sharing for the radio ministry!

Last time I think I asked prayer for Gumercinda. She took such faithful care of our dear Chabuka who died some years ago. Chabuka willed Gumi her part of the house, but Chabuka's sister in law is determined to take it away from Gumi. Gumi is raising her orphaned niece, Lili, and neither of them have a thing in this life except Chabuka's will. Then Gumi was in an accident in a combi (public transportation here) - several tendons pulled. She still is limping but is better for the most part. Still it is discouraging, and Lili, now just turned 17, isn't always as respectful as she should be. Lili is baptized and does come to youth and church meetings and I think does want to follow the Lord, but she is a teenager and all these situations affect her. Thanks for praying for these very needy sisters.

Last but NOT least, our Ebenezer Christian school has many needs. We had so hoped the license would come out approved from the Municipality sooner. But there too, we had glitches. First they made the architect/engineer do a whole security plan, including alarm systems, escape and evacuation routes, etc. So he basically had to do the plans over again for the umpteenth time. Then - this past week, they asked for a study of the soil (ground the school building is on). So that is being done, costs around 150 dollars though. Please help us pray this will be the last and the building license will be granted SOON! Thanks so much! We did have a good Mother's Day program. This too was a testimony to many. The kids did real well. Last Friday evening we had a good Parent-Teacher meeting too. Bob spoke really well to the parents and promoted some excellent literature we have on child rearing. Many parents bought some and expressed desire to cooperate in helping their children know and follow the Lord. The school is a real opportunity to reach many for Christ. Please pray with us!

Please pray for this country too. There has been an "Indian uprising" in the North, jungle part of Perú. Several policemen were speared or shot to death last week. These protesters are being influenced by neighboring countries communistic governments. There is a lot of violence all over.

Thanks so much for praying and sharing with us. If you can share for God's work here, our support address is:

Bob and Noél Rich,
c/o Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, New Jersey, 07762-0013

Thanks, Love, and Blessings, Noél for us

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