Wow. It is hard to believe October is here already! It is hot here now, even in our "cool mountain air." The air in the city is anything but fresh. The municipality has closed of the street behind us. Actually they were working on it, but they stopped because there is no asphalt available. So they have that street closed and made our street two ways and we have way too many cars coming and going and way too much smog. It is not good for us and it is bad for the school children coming and going and crossing the street. We do pray this will be over soon.

Now it is our worker, Nicolas, who had serious health problems. His lungs are affected from when he worked in the mines earlier in life, and the cold, windy highland rides on the motorcycle to visit the isolated believers have made that condition worse. God has used Nico. to start many churches in the highlands, and in Cayarani, a new area where we visited last year, several more have been baptized. Nico. longs to be up there teaching them and winning more. He was here for treatment, and did get better, and went back up to Cayarani, but has to come back here for his medical control next week. Then he will have to be careful up in the highlands, and on the motorcycle. Thank you for praying for Nicolas. Thank the Lord he is better, and thank the Lord for God's work in these areas. Bob is down on the coast for a couple days now and next week plans a trip to Puno and the communities near Juliaca where Juan Chayña works. The van has been working ok again, and we have heard no more about a possibility of replacing it, so we just keep praying it will continue to work.

Again, our dollar exchange has taken a nose dive, down. This makes it hard for us to keep supporting our national workers. Please pray for this situation, and for our support. We must keep on helping our dear dedicated workers. Thanks so very much for your prayers and sharing with us.

Well, the old building on the school property is finally demolished! And Marino is taking bids for the construction. We have paid the tax, and the property is going into the nonprofit organization "Socorro Ebenezer". The school name is Ebenezer, and socorro means help. So it is to "help Ebenezer". It sure needs help!! Please pray for the necessary funds to build! We just have enough to get started! I feel like the guy in Luke 14:28-29 who started to build and could not finish. We have calculated the cost. We do not have enough. But we have to start! Please pray! And if you can, share for this! Thanks so very much!

The school is not without problems. Some of our teens are the problems. The oldest of the orphans I tried to help last year has caused problems. I was able to talk to her, and to the housemother from the orphanage she and her little sister are. They are sad about this and promise to change. Rosario claims to know the Lord. It seems this "home" just does not discipline the children and youth at all. True, it is prohibited by law to do any physical punishment, but there is just too much freedom. The authorities there are very humanistic in their philosophy. This really shows in Rosario, and even Maria, (6th grader, almost 12), who is learning to lie to get a few cents to spend on candy or whatever. She comes up with some really wild stories, and isn't always attentive in class. She does her work when she wants to and doesn't when she doesn't want to. She's real smart and capable, but just doesn't have the home she needs. She could still be adopted, without her older siblings now as the half brother will be 16 in May and can not then be adopted internationally. I still pray for little Maria. She is still very workable with. But I do fear that she will not always be. I have the privilege of teaching the 4th grade Christian Formation now. These younger children are so precious, and desire to know the Lord. Wow. We pray we can reach these young ones! I teach Christian Formation to 5th and 6th graders, and they are also receptive to God's Word. I teach it to the 7th and 8th graders, and they are more of a challenge, but it is a privilege. High school English is a challenge and I sometimes get discouraged. I teach 6th grade English and there it is fun and some are really learning well! Please help me pray for these opportunities to work with precious young lives! We do pray the thanksgiving service on Oct. 7 for the school anniversary will be a testimony for all who come.

Thanks so very much for praying for us, for sharing with us as you can. Our support address is:

Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc.
P.O. Box 13,
Spring Lake, New Jersey, 07762-0013.

Many blessings and thanks to you all,
Noél for us

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