We had just moved to Arequipa after our initial years in Mollendo. I had just driven up to the house one noonday when an urgent knock came to our door.

There was a large, dark skinned man at the door who demanded of me, “Is that your truck? I need to talk to the owner.” I fearfully answered that it was mine, and wondered what I had done wrong. He said, “I saw those Scripture verses on the truck, and I need your help.”

On one side of the truck I had written, “Jesus said, ‘Repent and believe in the gospel’. Mark 1:15”, and on the other side it said, “Prepare to meet your God. Amos 4:12”.

We spoke briefly, setting up an appointment to speak that evening at 7:00 PM. Augusto stayed until midnight. It so happens that the Jehovah’s Witnesses had visited him when he was in another town, and had caused him to doubt about his Roman Catholicism.

He had gone to his priest to ask about the doctrine of the Trinity, but his priest informed him that he had flunked that course in seminary, and that he couldn’t help him very much.

Here was a man seeking for truth. Augusto read the Bible until dawn. The next night we visited him in his house and were able to share the gospel with his wife also. He lived only about four doors down from the house that we had rented.

After several weeks of intensive seeking after God and His truth, both Augusto and his wife came to peace with God, were baptized and became a part of the fellowship of believers there.

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