Hi again dear ones!

July is here and today it is sure cold! Our sun decided to go on strike. We have heavy clouds since yesterday aft. This a.m. the mountains around us came out with snow real far down, but then they went back under all those clouds. I imagine it is snowing again up there. When it is cloudy, temperatures don't go down as far at nights, but the sun, which warms us and the water up in the day is absent, so it is cold all the way around! Oh well, we are thankful for it all!

Elections were last month, and the nationalist guy won. He is saying he will be moderate, so please help us pray - and for the continued freedom to spread God's precious Word. We are real thankful for this privilege, and want to take advantage of it all we can!

Finally I can say that the adoption we were helping in is complete! The family, with their 13 year old daughter, should be back home now in No.Va. It sure was a long haul for them, and not real easy, but this precious soul and life are worth it. Please help us pray for adjustments and language learning, and most of all that this dear young teen gal will truly come to know our Saviour. A challenge, but thankfully God is on their side!

Mentioning children and their needs, there are two more precious children, a sister and brother, 12 and 9 years old, in a good Christian children's home, who really do need adopting. We all thought a Christian family from California was going to adopt them and now it appears they are not going to and the children were also thinking they would finally get a real mom and dad (they are orphans), so we are praying for a real Christian family for them, here or abroad. These are really precious children, orphans, but do have a good spirit and want to follow the Lord. Thanks for praying with us! This home has needs, but is really doing a wonderful job with these needy children.

The ex ambulance did not sell. Bob is using it and wondering if he should just keep it till the end of the year. We trust we will be able to take a trip to the U.S. early Jan. and we know God can and will supply the right vehicle for us when we get back, so please help us pray about all that too. Thanks!

About trips, I did have one on June 11. Like, I had a big trip, will see you next fall. (Ha.) I took a nose dive, literally. Managed to break my poor old nose, and deviated the septum more than it already was deviated. So for a good 3 weeks I looked like I had come out of a combat zone, or as I told my 7th graders, was training to beat Kina. (Perú has the women's international boxing champ.) Well, I never would beat her, nor do I intend to try. The nose is getting slowly better. Decided not to have the op. the dr. offered, as he even said if the deviated septum is also from earlier falls, it wouldn't be easy at all to straighten it. He might be able to reduce the fracture some, but it is expensive and difficult. So it is slowly healing, the bruised cheeks, knee and arm are also slowly healing. I do have more nose bleeds and stuffiness nights, so please help me pray for grace to look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer for the rest of my life. Thanks!

School is going well, but busy. Thanks for helping us pray for the lives we touch each day, that the students, teachers and parents will come to know the Lord. This is difficult in these days of so much world, all around us, and penetrating in the church too. A real privilege and challenge to be teaching so many in the ways of the Lord.

Our own precious children, now in their 40's, except Joe, who is 28, are doing well, and serving the Lord. How I long to be able to see our 9 precious grandchildren! Hope it really does work for early next year. Thanks for helping us pray!

Please also help us pray for our national workers too. Some of them have problems, family, ethical, and problems in the work. Thanks for praying!

Yes, June really is "busting out" all over! June 5 is election day here in Perú. The 2 runoff candidates are making a lot of noise, that is, their followers are, and the campaigns often include firecrackers busting out all over the city!! We are very thankful for the freedom we have had through these years to spread the Gospel! Please help us pray that this freedom will continue in the new govt. that takes power July 28 (Perú's Independence Day). Thanks!

God blessed us with some baptisms of new believers in May. Four young girls were won through the witness of other believers here and identified with the Lord in this step. Thanks for praying for their growth in Christ. Thanks for praying for discipleship of these and others in churches outside of Arequipa city. Bob continues his weekly and every other week visits to Pedregal and Aplao, in the Majes irrigation and valley. Especially the little group in Aplao needs encouragement and men to lead there. One of our youth from here, who is really from Aplao, has started a fish selling business there and he is really helping the small group that meets there, but we do need to see more raised up. The church in Pedregal, the irrigation area, is more established and has elders, but they are benefitting from the weekly Bible studies Bob has there. Bob has gone on some more trips to the mountain areas, and hopes to go this weekend to help with some problems in Espinar with one of our workers. Thanks for praying for these outreaches and thanks for praying for our workers, they are human and need their own Spiritual lives refreshed.

The ex ambulance still hasn't been sold. Thanks for praying for it's sale, and that Bob can indeed purchase a vehicle that will serve him, here in town and especially out in the many areas where he travels to. He has to travel on the buses here these days, so thanks for praying for safety.

There has been a real tragedy in one of our faithful believing couple's family. Gianluca Fussotto was the only son of Maria Elena Lazo and her Italian husband, Aldo Fussotto. Maria Elena's parents have been believers with us since early 1970's. Maria Elena remained Roman Catholic, but her son came often to church with his grandparents and did profess faith in Christ. He had the blessing of having a Christian maid that helped raise him from birth. This dear lady is from another church but she did pray with Gianluca and told him about our Lord since he was little. Anyway, Gianluca was in Argentina completing his hours for his pilot's license when last week was in a sudden plane crash which killed instantly all four occupants. Gianluca and the other Peruvian student were in the back part of the plane, while the Argentine instructor and the Ecuadorian student were up front on the controls. The little plane crashed nose down just before landing the night of May 25. Maria Elena and Aldo went to Argentina and brought back his body for burial here. They arrived last night and Gianluca was buried this noon. Bob spoke to the family and other friends at the wake last night, about the brevity of life (really, just a vapor) and of course had the chance to exhort these people to trust in Christ before it is too late. Please help us pray for Maria Elena and Aldo especially these days. We do not know why the Lord allowed this, but we do know that He wants these folks to truly believe in Him and give their lives to Him, leaving off all false hopes in vain rituals for salvation. Their only peace and comfort would be to know our Saviour. Please help us pray. The grandparents have been praying for them for years. Maybe it is God's time.

School is going well, but we need prayer for discipline in the large classes this year. I am truly enjoying and thankful for the times of Formación Cristiana with the younger ones, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. We had a good Mother's Day program and a good parents meeting the other night, where Bob spoke to the parents about the need to discipline while the children are young, in the love of the Lord. We had our bimester tests and all the grades. English teaching to the 6th grade especially is a challenge. They are rowdy. Thanks so much for praying for the school's witness!

Trust you will have a blessed summer season! Here it is becoming more wintry! Dry, cold, nights and early mornings, finger and toe splitting time for me, which is kind of painful. Well, thanks for praying, and thanks for sharing with us here!

Hi again!

May we proceed to greet you all for this month too? Thanks, and thanks for your continued prayer and help for us here.

April was interesting and full. One of the Christian school teachers we had last year got married in April. Bob and I participated in the wedding and it was a real good testimony we think. Samuel married Sonia, a girl from one of our churches here in Arequipa, where they both attended and helped with the youth. Then we had a good Holy Week program at school, with songs and short skits. My 6th graders and I did the Last Supper. I think it all was also a good testimony to our Lord, for all the students, teachers, and parents who came.

Bob had some good trips in April too. To the mountains and to the Majes Valley and the agricultural town on the plains - Pedregal. The ambulance works really well in the mountains, and everywhere really. However, this is the sad part: Bob cannot get permission for more passengers in the van. Of course, we do want to obey the law, however unreasonable it may be. So, with sadness he has decided he will have to sell it. Please help us pray for the right buyer and the right other vehicle for him to use. It seems impossible he can sell it for enough to get something really better for him, but God can supply. Please just help us pray. Thanks!

One of the reasons we may have trouble in this vehicle sale and purchase is that Perú is having their runoff presidential election June 5. Neither of the candidates are very promising, but the one who is ahead in the polls is very nationalist. He has always been against foreigners here, and he follows the styles of the govts. of Venezuela and Bolivia. Not friendly toward gringos. Please help us pray for this election. It would be kind of tragic for Perú if this guy becomes president, but we know God is the One who controls even this situation. Please pray for us and for Perú. Thanks!

So now we are in May! We are working on a Mother's Day program at school, for Friday May 6th and please help us pray this too will be a testimony for all the Moms present. May I take this opportunity to wish all you special Moms a wonderful Mother's Day! Please take seriously the task of guiding your children and grandchildren in the ways of the Lord. How we need to win this generation for Him!

Well, April is here. Our summer was so cold that now when it is supposed to be getting cooler we are having summer! My Mom used to call this "Indian Summer" - late but nice really. Our mountains still have snow, but guess it will melt soon enough.

Sunday, April 10, is presidential election day here in Perú. Please help us pray for the outcome. Probably in the first round no one will win, and there will have to be a runoff election in about a month and a half. Anyway, we pray we will continue to have peace and freedom to continue spreading God's Word here. Thanks for praying with us for this.

Bob has had some good trips with his ambulance. We praise the Lord that it worked really well when he took it to the mountains last month. Also on his trips to the coast and Majes valley the vehicle has worked well. There is one thing though that is discouraging. That is that he only has legal permission to take 2 passengers. Seems ambulances should have permission for more, but it came with that restriction. Bob is trying to get this changed, but the burro cracia here is a challenge. Please help us pray that can be changed, as he does need to take more people most of the time. Thanks for praying for this too.


Dear friends and family,

Yes, most of March is ahead of us! A couple of days have passed, but we are marching through quickly! Our Feb. rains have gone away for a while at least and our mountains have pretty snow, which will also melt soon unless the weather man is right and we do get some more rains.

Last month we were blessed to have 6 new believers baptized here in our main town church. Some of the younger ones live a bit far out but a dear believer from here has been witnessing to her neighbors. From two of her neighbor families, 3 youth were baptized. Then parents of two of the children in school were baptized as well. Efraín's father is really active in God's work in the Majes Valley, but his wife had a lot of J.W. influence. The school also has played a part in these folks coming to church more and taking that step of identifying with the Lord. Then Marcos, the dentist who works in Pedregal was also baptized. Bob will continue to disciple him on Wednesdays when he goes down to Pedregal for Bible studies.


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